Honor killings don’t occur in Immigrant households..They happen in ISLAMIC households…

 Aqsa Pervez, Shafia daughters and wife, Aasiya Hassan, Farah Khan..What did all these women have in common besides being ‘honor killed’???

The religion of peace that taught their men folk it’s okay to kill them…Islam…

Prosecuting ‘honour’ crimes a priority: minister

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson says Criminal Code likely won’t be amended

Last Updated: Monday, August 9, 2010 | 10:09 AM ET

The Canadian Press
Justice Minister Rob Nicholson says Criminal Code amendments are not the preferred option in dealing with 'honour killings.'Justice Minister Rob Nicholson says Criminal Code amendments are not the preferred option in dealing with ‘honour killings.’ (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)Canada’s justice minister has moved to quash weeks of confusion by playing down the idea that the federal government might amend the Criminal Code to include so-called honour killings.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson says prosecuting honour crimes is a priority for the government but that there isn’t any real need to change the Criminal Code.

That puts an end to weeks of head-scratching prompted by a remark from one of his cabinet colleagues, Rona Ambrose, that the government was considering Criminal Code amendments.

Nicholson told The Canadian Press that a plan to address the issue of honour killings would be devised but downplayed the possibility that Criminal Code amendments were the preferred option.

“It’s not necessarily any changes to the Criminal Code,” Nicholson told The Canadian Press in an interview this week.

“Specifically with respect to murder, there are [already] very strong provisions.”

So-called crimes of honour involve an attack by one relative, usually a male, on another, usually female, for an act believed to have brought shame upon the family.

The purported logic is that such a violent and final punishment might help re-establish the family’s honour.

The confusion over the government’s intent to more vigorously prosecute honour killing began last month when Ambrose, the minister for the status of women, said Ottawa was looking at amending the Criminal Code.

Her statement was initially dismissed outright by the Justice Department, but the department later changed its tune and said Ambrose’s comments did, indeed, reflect government policy.

Nicholson said the Tories only plan one change to the murder provisions in the Criminal Code: doing away with the faint-hope clause, a controversial provision that allows those sentenced to life in prison to apply for early release after serving 15 years.

Opposition to changing Criminal Code

Ambrose’s comments raised eyebrows because murder is already the most serious infraction in the Criminal Code, and it’s unclear how it might be judged any differently in cases of so-called honour killing.

Some women’s groups, particularly those representing minority women, call the idea offensive.

They say it would create a separate category for women from certain cultures, apart from the rest of Canadian society.

“We totally dislike the term ‘honour killing’,” said Alia Hogben, executive director of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women. “It doesn’t make sense. It’s a stupid way of describing a murder.

“In Canada, we should not use that language because it separates women from … Asia, and it might be used [in court] as a mitigating circumstance.”

The justice minister echoed that sentiment.

“If you’re talking specifically in respect to murder, murder carries a life sentence and no eligibility for parole,” Nicholson said.

Nicholson said he looks forward to seeing the types of project proposals put forward by community members and is willing to listen.

A recent report by the Frontier Centre for Public Policy indicates an alarming problem of violence against women in immigrant households.

According to the report, there have been about a dozen documented “honour slayings” in Canada since 2002.

Hogben says the best way to deal with domestic violence is not through Criminal Code amendments — but public workshops and awareness campaigns.

“Lots of education,” she said.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/toronto/story/2010/08/09/qc-criminal-code-honour-killings.html#ixzz0wTTxAE2l


2 thoughts on “Honor killings don’t occur in Immigrant households..They happen in ISLAMIC households…

  1. It is NOT domestic violence it is “honor killing”. The differences are many.

    The differences between Honor Killing(HK) & Domestic Violence(DV): 1) HK by mainly muslims against muslim girls/youth & young adult women vs. DV men of all faiths against adult women 2)HK mainly fathers ,against teenage daughters vs. DV adult male spouse against adult female spouse 3)HK carefully planned, death threats as means of control vs. DV unplanned & spontaneous 4) HK Involvement of multiple, mostly male family members vs DV one man with no family complicity 5)HK usually carried out with barbaric ferocity vs DV simple shooting or stabbing 6) HK family & community honor the murderer vs. DV murderer seen as a criminal & vilified 7) HK Murderer does not show remorse & defends actions as trying to restore family honor vs DV sometimes remorse or regret is exhibited
    paraphrased information from Phyllis Chesler

    Call “honor killing” what it is and shine a great big light on it & it’s perpetrators. Demand that the media & politicians name it.

    It is less about culture and more about “religion” & it’s interpretation . The majority of “honor killings” are committed by muslim family members and I’m not going to whitewash that to appease the whiners.

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