Let her wear her hijab, she’ll catch on quick…


Canadian: Canadian Islamic Congress Says Quebec Correctional Services Wrong To Fire Muslim Prison Guard

CanadianThe Canadian Islamic Congress is urging Quebec’s prison guards union and provincial correctional authorities to reconsider a recent ruling that caused a Montreal Muslim woman to be dismissed as a guard trainee on grounds that her hijab compromises her safety.

The incident follows only weeks after the furor over a young Muslim girl from Nepean, Ont. who was ejected from a Quebec soccer tournament for similar reasons. With her teammates’ support, she has continued playing the game while wearing her sports-appropriate hijab.

“Unfortunately, it appears that the media and certain segments of society are homing in on the hijab as a convenient political football. This does nothing to address the deeper social and ethical issues of according genuine respect to anyone choosing to wear religious garb,” said CIC.

The CIC notes that turbans were last decade’s apparel controversy yet are now accepted in all spheres of public life, from MPs to transit drivers and police officers. With more and more Muslim women entering publicly visible professions and activities, the hijab should be no different.

“Safety of apparel is a commonsense issue for any profession,” the CIC continued. “Similarly, where anyone wearing unconventional apparel demonstrates a mature responsibility for their own welfare, their choice of religious garb should be respected… Hijabs can be as varied in style and fabric as any other clothing; there is ample international precedent in both sports and public service occupations for hijabs whose design is appropriate to the context. There are always safe alternatives if authorities would take the time to consider them instead of reacting negatively.”

According to initial media reports, rules at Montreal’s Bordeaux Jail, where the woman was training, say that a guard’s hair must be tied back and they cannot wear ties; no mention is made of the hijab or head scarf. “Wearing a hijab cannot reasonably be compared to the obvious dangers of wearing loose hair,” the CIC said.


6 thoughts on “Let her wear her hijab, she’ll catch on quick…

  1. They won’t allow it in the states because they’re afraid that an inmate may use it to strangle the guard. I say it would send a strong message to these fools.

    Why did the idiots let a hijab -wearing person into their training class to begin with? Pure stupidity. I hope she makes their lives hell and no doubt she will.

    I say, assimilate and quit expecting to have your demands met or get the hell out.

  2. Canadian Kuffar Why do you start crying like a little girl as soon as someone posts something that you do not agree with?

    Are you afraid of being exposed?

    • Takedown, you are the FIRST one here that seemingly disagrees with me…

      So, air your beef instead of rhetorically accusing me of crying when you haven’t offered anything of any substance to refute what has been said here.

      Or are you afraid you have nothing to offer but your empty rhetoric?

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