This Muslima is either getting uppity or she’s laying on the soft Jihad really thick…



Canadian imams’ declaration dismissed as ‘meaningless’ and ‘medieval’

 By Giuseppe Valiante, Postmedia News August 13, 2010

OTTAWA — A declaration of fundamental Islamic values released Friday by the Canadian Council of Imams and signed by more than 50 Muslim religious leaders is “completely meaningless” and a result of a “medieval mindset,” says the founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress.

The council’s declaration is a series of seven points posted on its website and distributed to mosque leaders across Canada. Its signatories seek to affirm common Islamic values — including the belief in peaceful coexistence, the need for Muslims to engage in civic life and the assertion that Islam doesn’t permit the killing of innocent people “regardless of their creed, ethnicity, race, or nationality.”

For Tarek Fatah of the MCC, however, the declaration is a “lost opportunity.”

It doesn’t include a strong affirmation of the separation of mosque and state or that the mosque is no place for political activity; it doesn’t demand that women be allowed to sit in the front row of mosques or be allowed to become imams; and most importantly, the declaration doesn’t denounce the theory of armed jihad, Fatah said.

“These three points are fundamental. Unless they include these things, everything else is meaningless,” he said.

Imam Habeeb Alli, secretary of the Canadian Council of Imams, said the goal of the declaration was to educate the Canadian public on the common values of Muslim religious leaders. It was also a proactive way, he said, to address questions from journalists about the beliefs of Canadian imams.

“This was an honest beginning,” Alli said, responding to Fatah’s comments. “It’s a modest attempt to help us in Canada deal with some of these issues. Hopefully, we can progress upon it.”

Wahida Valiante is the chair and national president of the Canadian Islamic Congress; imams affiliated with the congress have signed the declaration. She said the council wanted to respond partly to media hype which she said often offers negative representations of Islam.

For example, she said, when a spouse is killed in a case of domestic violence, news reports will often stress the Islamic angle when the true culprit may be cultural.

“Other religious communities are practising quietly, they don’t have to go out and keep telling everybody, ‘We are good people,’ ” she said. “It saddens me that we have to keep repeating ourselves.”

It isn’t a question of repetition, it’s a matter of getting it right the first time, Fatah said.

Canada has imams who openly call for the defeat of the Kuffar — or non-believer — and demand the victory of Muslims over non-Muslims, Fatah said. “(The council) should address these issues rather than submitting seven points.”

Alli said the phenomenon of Muslim youth being radicalized in Canada is exaggerated.

“It’s hard to gauge the exact (size) of the issue,” he said.

Furthermore, Alli said, if an imam is preaching aggressive or violent theology, often people in the congregation “have a tendency not to be quiet,” and will denounce what is being said.

“That is a pack of lies,” Fatah responded. “These imams are living in a medieval world of their own and have not yet come to terms with the crisis that is facing the Muslim and western world.”

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2 thoughts on “This Muslima is either getting uppity or she’s laying on the soft Jihad really thick…

  1. Taqiyya at it’s finest.

    One only has to look to the Khadr’s and the Toronto 18 , the numerous “honor” killers and the last brief about them put out by CSIS to get a truer picture of izlam in Canada.

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