Iran says probe on detained US hikers to end soon

By Reuters

Last Updated: August 28, 2010 9:20am

TEHRAN – Investigations into spying allegations against three American hikers detained in Iran will be completed soon, Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi said in a news report on Saturday.

Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Josh Fattal were detained after they strayed into Iran from northern Iraq at the end of July 2009, further complicating relations between Tehran and Washington already deadlocked over Iran’s nuclear work.

“Investigations about the three Americans will be completed soon. The result will be announced then,” Moslehi said in a report carried by Iran’s student news agency, ISNA.

Iran has said the three Americans would be put on trial, without giving a date. They have not formally been charged with spying.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in February that the three U.S. citizens may be swapped for the release of Iranians jailed in the United States.

Iran said last year it believed 11 Iranians were being held in the U.S., including a former deputy defence minister who disappeared in 2007.

The United States, which cut diplomatic ties with Iran shortly after its 1979 Islamic revolution, has said the charges against the hikers are totally unfounded and they should be released. Under Iran’s Islamic law, espionage can be punishable by death.

Families of the trio said they were hiking and had strayed across the border accidentally. Their mothers visited Tehran briefly in May and urged Iranian authorities to release them.

The West suspects Iran is trying to build bombs under cover of a civilian nuclear programme. Tehran denies this, saying it needs nuclear technology to generate power.

Iran’s hardline authorities repeatedly have accused foreign powers of fuelling unrest following a disputed presidential election last year.



  1. They didn’t go hiking through Iran. They were on a vacation in a peaceful region of Kurdistan http://www.thenation.com/video/36595/us-hikers-seized-iranian-police-iraqi-territory. Josh is a precious brother to me and all three do humanitarian work. Their human rights have been grossly violated for over a year now. Please see http://www.freethehikers.org for more information and ways that you can support their release.

    Thank you,

    Farah, fellow Canadian

    • On vacation in Kurdistan is no better….

      Iran doesn’t give two shits about the “human rights” of these three…This is an example to all leftist parents who allow, even encourage their children to leave their home soil to run off to whatever hostile land has become their pet cause…

      I’m sorry, but it’s true. Teaching your children that all cultures are equal and worldly and wonderful could get them killed…Just like these 3…

  2. @FARAH

    I do understand your concern however…..

    How Many Square Miles is the Earth?

    It is roughly 197 million square miles; 57 million square miles of land and the rest water.

    And they couldn’t find anywhere safer to hike? I’m sorry but it seems beyond stupid. They were not in Kurdistan, they were in Iraq (a country still at war with itself).

    So let me rephrase CK’s question… “Who the hell goes hiking in Iraq near the Iranian border?”

    more geeky stuff
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    Equatorialradius 6,378.1 km[4]
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    40,007.86 km (meridional)
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    361,132,000 km² water (70.8 %)
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