Italy: Muslims appeal to president over ‘discrimination’ in north

Rome, 24 Sept. (AKI) – Muslims in Italy have written to the country’s president Giorgio Napolitano claiming their constitutional rights are being violated by the anti-immigrant policies of the Northern League party.

A lack of mosques and halal food outlets in the north were especially serious problems, said the letter to Napolitano (photo), written by the union of Islamic communities in Italy (UCOII). Adnkronos International received a copy of the letter.

“I write to you as the custodian and guarantor of the Italian constitution the Italian’s Republic’s highest judge, to draw to your attention the day-to-day difficulties faced by Muslims in a large area of the country,” said the letter signed by UCOII’s president Ezzeddin Elzir.

Law-abiding Muslim immigrants and foreign residents who have strived to integrate in Italy’s northern regions and who do not present any real security threat, are being treated as second-class citizens, according to UCOII.

“Chiefly in the north of Italy, their religious freedom and personal dignity, upheld by the constitution and international conventions to which our country is a signatory, are gravely compromised,” the letter continued.

The letter did not specifically name the Northern League, which control several regions and most local councils in the north of Italy, but referred to “a certain political hostility made worse by the irresponsible action of certain local administrations.”

“Fundamental rights are being denied, such as places of worship and the availability of food prepared according to Muslim precepts,” the letter stated.

“There is barely a Muslim community in northern Italy that does not come up against outright bans on mosques arrogantly imposed by local councils who malevontly invoke petty local bylaws to deny a basic constitutional freedom.”

UCOII asked for specific intervention from Napolitano over a school in Adro, in the Lombardy province of Brescia that has said it will only exempts Muslim pupils from eating pork if they have an allergy to it or on other health grounds.


18 thoughts on “THEN LEAVE…

  1. Italy is Roman Catholic. Muslims will have to answer what Pope Benedict quoted in Regensburg: “Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.” Pope Benedict quoting Emperor Manuel.

    This is Italy. That houses the Vatican. That never sleeps nor forgets its history. that is mindful of 1798, possibly “the worst single moment” in the history of Christianity in Western Europe. The Catholic Church was severely persecuted; deist and other anti-Christian movements were on the clear ascendancy; revolutionary armies seized Pius VI and carried him into exile, signaling to many the end of the papacy and the Catholic Church. But then followed the worldwide missionary movement of the nineteenth century, the second evangelical revival, and the Catholic devotional revolution. “Nothing drives activists and reformers more powerfully than the sense that their faith is about to perish in their homelands and that they urgently need to make up for these losses farther afield, whether overseas or among the previously neglected lost sheep at home. . . . Death and resurrection are not just fundamental doctrines of Christianity; they represent a historical model of the religion’s structure and development.”

    And even as Iwrite these words, Catholic Europe vs Islamic Hordes — the 2nd Crusade is ready for the Final Solution of muslims from Europe.
    Anti-immigration, particularly anti-Muslim, sentiment is swelling across the Continent.
    And that’s the Truth. That’s the Reality. Not the muck that Liberal and Leftist Whores of the Muckstream Press paid and bought by Muslim Mafia Inc impresses that the islamics are winning and Eurabia is a reality.

    Imagine if you are the Vatican. Imagne you are THE Richest, Most Powerful (all of America’s CFRs are Jesuits) with your Jesuit and Opus Dei in every country in the world, with presidents that knelt to kiss the ring; with prime minister who converted to ensure protection in the coming war, would you, would your people give up your power, your wealth? When you have the world’s scientists ready to strike on your behalf? And armies uniting to make one colossal juggernaut strike at muslim countries. Think!

    • The question I have in all of it QV is WHY after the Crusades didn’t Europe declare Islam illegal? I’m glad Italy is taking a hard stance with their Muslim, but it really seems that Europe is a glutton for punishment from their Islamic hoards.

      And what is to stop the RC church from taking the same tack it did in WWII? It simply stepped aside, I know some priests spoke out and were swept into the camps for it..But on the whole the church remained silent, and today the church seems to be sitting pretty quiet on the matter as well…Pope JPII kissing a Quran and deeming it holy along with the bible, Benedict praying in mosques…I don’t know QV, I don’t have the “faith” in that church that you do…

  2. Charles Martel, the Roman Catholic king that defeated the invading islamic hordes in 732 AD. Were it not for the Catholic army of Frankish General Charles Martel—aka “Charles the Hammer”—Europe might now be a Muslim continent.
    We need to think about the battle of Tours-Poitiers. When you consider the conditions that made Tours-Poitiers inevitable, it’s hard not to conclude that those same factors are in place today.

    Jan Sobeiski, the Polish Roman Catholic King defeat of the Turkish army at Chocim in 1673. By the late 17th century the Turks were attempting to penetrate deeper and deeper into the heart of Europe, threatening Vienna. Realising that should Vienna fall, Poland would find herself in a very difficult position, in 1683 Sobieski set off to relieve the besieged city. On 12 September 1683 Polish hussars (heavy cavalry with characteristic plumage on their backs) under Sobieski’s command gained a victory, thus definitively stopping the Turks in one of the greatest and most significant battles in Europe at the time. Nowadays that march to Vienna is referred to as the Relief of Vienna.

    And today, it will be Germany, led by an Aristocrat, that will lead the German blitzkrieg on the islamic bubonic plague that has infected Europe. The Continent wil be cleansed of every trace of muslim, islam and mosques and it will be just like the Frist Crusade — Europeans standing knee deep in muslim blood.

    Muslims in the know are already heading for the muslim arselicking Britain as first choice.
    Canada is second choice. So brave yourself for the deluge of satan’s filth.

    • I remember learning this stuff in Catholic school many years ago, but I didn’t ‘understand’ until I was much older. What I wonder now, is how many schools are actually teaching this? In this climate of political correctness, history has been whitewashed by educators globally so as to not offend Muslims…

      The crusades has been offered as a militant act of Christians against Muslims as if they were just these poor, misunderstood minorities who were brutally murdered by European Christians..How can our children defend themselves in the future when they are so grossly misinformed?

    • I’ll tell you QV, as a Christian…I struggle everyday with my anger when it comes to Muslims..I’m speaking as an individual, not as a part of a nation…I just look forward to the day of Christ’s return..That is when Islam will truly come to an end…

  3. CK, I do not have “faith” in the catholic church — it being the “little horn” in the book of Daniel, and represented a force that was “more stout” than the other governments.
    I have absolute faith in Biblical Prophecy and in the words of YHWH.

    The Holy Roman Church “made war with the saints” and attempted to “wear out” the people of God.
    It prevailed against the saints until the Lord gave a judgment on behalf of his people.
    The little horn would “speak words against the Most High”.
    It (he) would “think to change the times and the law” of God.
    The saints were given into his hand for “a time, times, and half a time.”

    A student of history will be able to connect the dots how the Vatican became the little horn was said to speak “great things” which were “against the Most High.” The blasphemous arrogance of the popes is well-known to students of church history.

    Newton cites the following papal claim:

    Our Lord God the pope; another God upon earth, king of kings, and lord of lords. The same is the dominion of God and the pope. To believe that our Lord God the pope might not decree, as he decreed, it were a matter of heresy. The power of the pope is greater than all created power, and extends itself to things celestial, terrestrial, and infernal. The pope doeth whatsoever he listeth, even things unlawful, and is more than God (456).

    Pope Innocent III (1198-1216), in his inaugural speech, declared, “The successor of St. Peter stands midway between God and man; below God, above man; Judge of all, judged of none” (Hurlbut 1954, 112).

    The Roman church, under the authority of its popes, has been a vicious persecutor of those who oppose its apostate doctrines. A Catholic scholar asserts that his own church “can tolerate no strange Churches beside herself” (Pohle 1913, 766). During the Spanish Inquisition (a tribunal established by the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages for the purpose of suppressing error) thousands were burned alive for their alleged heresies against the Church.

    I spent 16 days in the Vatican, taking notes of its pagan history, its “marriage” betwen “christianity” and paganism in the hundreds of displayed portraits, paintings, decrees through the centuries. It contained the symbols of the serpent, sun and moon worship, male and female forms of sunrays. With serpent-shaped pillars.
    The Pope’s Triple Crown showing his threefold power (Father of Kings, Rector of the World and Vicar of christ) King of Heaven, Earth, and Hell.
    Outside, the Egyptian Obelisk in the centre of the solar wheel in St. Peter’s square.

    This is the little horn, the “babylon the great” whose death will be by Him. No earthly power will be able to defeat it for it has been put on earth for a purpose.

  4. The question I have in all of it QV is WHY after the Crusades didn’t Europe declare Islam illegal? I’m glad Italy is taking a hard stance with their Muslim, but it really seems that Europe is a glutton for punishment from their Islamic hoards.

    After WWII, Europe had its Leftists and Liberals intact while the brave men, the Conservatives had died defending their country, and those that returned from the War were severely wounded, physically and emotionally. No one at the time had the energy to look at the danger these Leftists and Liberals would pose during the 60 years “peacetime” And Leftists have much affinity and the same goals as islam: to subjugate mankind to their perverted utopia. Islam would not have expanded and be the danger it is today were it not for the Leftists and Liberals.
    This time, Europe must round up all these Leftists and Liberals, the Petains and Quislings and Mussolinis of Europe and slaughter them together with the muslims. These are the traitors responsible for the current state of affairs in Europe.

    But it is evident, now, the 2nd Crusade is ready to unleash the same way the 1st Crusade that emerged from the bowel of the Vatican. It is not Christian but once again CATHOLIC Europe willing to defend itself.
    Who would have ever thought Sweden Democrats , a far-right, anti-immigration party, snap up 20 parliament seats and deprive the ruling Social Democrat government of its majority. There was nothing ambiguous about the campaign of the Sweden Democrats. In one advertisement they showed a white pensioner being edged aside by burka-clad mothers in the benefits queue. Their leader, Jimmie Akesson, described Islam as the biggest threat to Sweden since World War II.”
    Anti-immigrant parties are in government in Italy and brandish significant influence in the parliaments of Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, Latvia, Slovakia and Sweden. In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, the leader of the anti-Islam Freedom Party, is one of the most popular politicians in the country and is on the cusp of securing a place within the government. And this momentum will increase . Already muslims are feeling the heat and many are moving out.

    Much of this will not be reported by the Muckstream Press Whores for they are the Propaganda Machine for Muslm Mafia Inc. These are the prostitutes that pedalled the news to muslim shitholes to come and invade on the treasure houses of the West and be parasites, be happy rapists and enjoy luxury time in jail, and who delight in seeing their own women gang raped, if bleeding, better still. And their own men and children beaten to a pulp. It gives them such a high. Aided and abetted by their own Leftist and Liberal psycho-sociopath politicians. Also on the pay of Muslim Mafia Inc.

    Islam will first suffer its massive haemorrhage with the slaugher of 350 million muslims in the ME to cleanse that part of the world to become the “greater Israel” which will have many muslims leaving their cult of death. I think after the complete destruction of syria when they will be so devastated.
    The next Crusade will be used by Him for the Final Solution.

    Remnants will side with Russia, China, and the rest for the Final Battle when He gathers all nations to the Valley of Jesophat for the Great Battle. The Chinese have almost completed the Highway that will take them to the coming Battle with their 200 million man strong army. How did the Chinese manage to cut through hostile, islamic nations without any problem or trouble?

    One has to be student of both biblical and secular history to really enjoy what’s coming with much humility.

  5. I’ll tell you QV, as a Christian…I struggle everyday with my anger when it comes to Muslims

    Never apologise, nor feel guilty about ANGER against islam and muslims. One does not struggle against Evil. And muslims are EVIL. To feel remorse is to approve of Satan.

    • But where does one draw the line between Islam and Muslims? I can understand anger towards the system that keeps Muslims yoked, where I struggle is with the individuals themselves…The “good” people are good in spite of Islam, not because of it..Personally I consider them apostates just waiting to happen…

      The problem is the propensity Muslims have to defend their faith..How does one separate the two?

  6. QV, is this what Revelation 18 is speaking of?

    To better understand the Biblical Prophecy, one must read the Book of Daniel TOGETHER with the Book of Revelation. The two are mirrors of events unfolding and prophecies to be realised.

    Yes, He uses the “little horn” to destroy Satan’s offspring: islam

    While Jesus taught not to hate any man, he did teach to HATE evil. He even commanded those that did not follow His words to be admonished, and if they refuse to take heed, to let depart . This to protect the cleanness of the congregation.

    individual muslims might portray all the ‘goodness’ but to what extent?
    India’s islamic history is replete with these ‘good’ men who led the hindus to their deaths.

    Where do you draw the line? If it were me, i’d stay away from muslims altogether. Suffice I have to maintain and attend to my spirituality without having to contend with deranged individuals, and 99% of muslims are satanlings.

    Let them become apostates first. Let them prove they have rid of satan’s yoke. Like Walid Shoebat. If they become christians there is common ground. If they prefer atheism, be warned and maintain distance. These will betray you in the coming persecution for their benefit.

    One does not have to draw any line. One stays alert. And one arms oneself with the Armour of God. Namely His word. Have faith in him, not in any pastor or church. He will guide and protect you. How do I know? Because I am such a beneficiary.

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