Sentence Toronto 18′s ‘ideological leader’ to 18 years, Crown says

Alex Tavshunsky/Postmedia News

Alex Tavshunsky/Postmedia News

Court sketch of Fahim Ahmad.

  September 27, 2010 – 6:01 pm

BRAMPTON — As the “ideological leader” of the Toronto 18 terrorist plot, Fahim Ahmad should be jailed for 18 years, the Crown asserted yesterday at the young man’s sentencing hearing in Superior Court.

“He was trying to develop a band of jihadist warriors,” Crown attorney Jason Wakely said — young men he would recruit, indoctrinate, train and equip with weapons. The group aimed to storm Parliament and detonate bombs in downtown Toronto in what would have been “a profoundly traumatic experience for Canada,” the court heard.

Authorities dismantled the homegrown terrorist cell in 2006; this past May, Ahmad pleaded guilty to participating in the group, importing firearms and instructing others to carry out activities for the benefit of a terrorist group.

Evidence has shown Ahmad orchestrated two terrorist training camps, created and distributed propaganda videos, and helped the group to acquire weapons.

Ahmad spent seven months “strenuously and unremittingly” urging violent action in Canada, Mr. Wakely told Justice Fletcher Dawson. Were it not for a number of mitigating factors — including Ahmad’s youth, his renunciation of his extremist views and his guilty plea — a life sentence would have been appropriate, Mr. Wakely indicated.

“Mr. Ahmad’s group intended to kill people … innocent people who decided to do nothing more than work for the government or an institution [the Toronto 18] disliked,” he said, noting Ahmad “poisoned the minds” of recruits and countless other members of the community.

The court also heard testimony from Ahmad’s wife, Mariya Mohammad, who wrote a letter in support of her husband.

“I believe that he never would have followed up on the claims that he made,” the soft-spoken Ms. Mohammad said, as her husband, in a green sweater and with close-cropped hair, looked on. But she also acknowledged that around the time of the Toronto 18 plot’s genesis, she and her husband “were not communicating effectively.”

The defence will make sentencing submissions today.

In calling for the 18-year jail term, Mr. Wakely invoked the “unparalleled seriousness” of Ahmad’s actions.

“[It’s] a crime against society that cultivates fear and insecurity… It changes the way we live our lives,” he told the court.

Also yesterday, a relatively minor player in the Toronto 18 plot was all but guaranteed he will serve no further jail time.

Asad Ansari, 25, was convicted in June of participating in the terrorist group, accused by the Crown of being their “technical expert” — one who assisted Ahmad by clearing terrorist material and malicious software from his computer.

Both the Crown and the defence are calling for Ansari to be sentenced to time served with three years of probation, and Judge Dawson has indicated he will accept their submissions. His formal decision will come down Oct. 4.

With two-for-one credit taken into account, Ansari has effectively served six years and five months of prison time. He has been on strict house-arrest bail since August 2009, and Judge Dawson said it would be “a real hardship” to send him back to prison at this juncture.

Defence lawyer John Norris said his client has been taking educational courses and is “moving his life once again in a very positive direction.”

Characterized in court as a peripheral member of the Toronto 18, Ansari attended a terrorist training camp in the winter of 2005, but says he did not know its true purpose at the time.

The Crown disputes that contention, pointing to various militaristic activities at the camp and the presence of a black-and-white jihadi-style flag.

“When he saw the black flag… He certainly would have known by that time that he was attending a terrorist camp,” Crown attorney Sarah Shaikh said.

Ansari and Ahmad are among the final members of the Toronto 18 to be sentenced, with hearings for two other participants scheduled in November.

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  1. Even if he serves the full (proposed) sentence, he’ll still only be 43 – plenty young enough to regroup, and with a bitter vengeance. We need to change the Charter and institute laws specifically for terrorism acts (or attempted acts.)

    • Absolutely, personally I think Islam should be outlawed as a politicial system. I don’t care if Muslims “think” it’s a religion, it’s nothing of the sort. This is only the beginning for us..Canada is still sitting up thumbing their nose at the world because we haven’t been “hurt” by terrorism as of yet…Unfortunately, I don’t think Canada will even learn after we are hurt…We’ll fall into the same stupid trap of excusing the behavior so we don’t upset the muslims…

      • Thank you, thank you, CK! I’ve been saying that for years. If we can’t outlaw it as a harmful political entity, then why can it not technically be seen as the religious cult with aspirations of harm that it is?

  2. should be a ritual halal slaughter for each one of these traitors… anywhere in the western world.

    canada is too pussified and oh so mature and progressive… ack a little puke in the back of my throat.

    the muslim world watches, waits and plots, there is absolutely no respect for the weak.

    we are not allowed to think this in our own country, as it is we are not allowed to protect ourselves in our own country… I will have to allow my tax dollar to be spent on an incarceration that could be very quickly curtailed with a 100 dollar butchers knife or a half dozen cartridges in the caliber 5.56mm.

    • Take a trip to any Legion in Canada and see what our elderly vets have to say about what they see in Canada today…They’re wondering why they even went to war in the first place..

      Canada is a haven for leftists, liberals and Muslims…This ‘war on terror’ in Afghanistan is absurd, our soldiers are basically nothing more than targets for an entire country of Muslims..

      Soon enough we’ll need them defending us here in our own country and sadly enough they won’t because the powers that be will use them to defend our Muslims here first…

      They’ve been given preferential treatment here in the hopes Canada won’t go through what the rest of the world has gone through with Muslims…

  3. The words “The Law is an Ass” rings loud . The judge must be one leftist/liberal or an arselicker of such.
    Pray that he or his kith and kin, in the future will be kidnapped by muslims, and severed parts sent to the family. Will this wake up leftist psychopaths and sociopaths? No difference between them and the muslims that is intent to murder and turn the world into Dar ul Islam.
    Sorry muslims. have news for you. your allah is helpless, hopeless, useless? Want proof? Look at Porkistan.

  4. Keep reading on here QV, you’ll see Canada isn’t far behind the U.K. in it’s ability to arselick Muslims…

    MG and I were just talking about it this morning..We both think Canada is totally unaware and wishes to stay that way when it comes to Islam…

  5. How can a country’s population be aware of islam and muslims intent when the Muckstream Press has leftists and liberals bankrolled by Saudi and Muslim Mafia Inc. money to disinform, misinform, decline to report?
    And if real islamic history is not taught in the schools, it is left to the people of the country to demand that it is.
    CK, out here, if anything is untoward to country and people, we are out in the streets by the hundreds of thousands.
    Look at Taiwan. Its one time president and his paraplegic wife are sitting in not so nice jail, all properties confiscated, and their children have fled the country .

    In the so called ‘democratic” enlightened west, you encourage corruption. You displace your own people to appease those that want to murder you. Who elected those that will see to your demise if not the people? To whom does the country belong? To the people or its politicians?

    The west has become soooooo civilised they lay down to die horribly and accept it rather than fight to retain their civilisation.

    That’s why ancient civilisations in the Far East, India till today fight to keep what kept them for 5000 years. Take a lesson from Russia. See how they keep their country, against all odds.

  6. QV nailed it, too. We’re losing our Western democracies and no-one seems to care. The leftards refuse to acknowledge we’re fighting ghosts with our very lives.

  7. K, the West’s leftards Utopia is to eradicate every trace of the Judeo-Christian roots on which it was founded and replace it with 7th century, cave dwelling vampires that takes western civilisation to the Stone Age. To the Leftists, Liberals and Progressives, this is liberating progressiveness.
    The tragedy is the masses are going along with it.

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