Imam slams MacKay over speech cancellation

Imam Zijad Delic, the executive director of the Canadian Islamic Congress, says he's upset over a decision by Defence Minister Peter MacKay to cancel his speech at a commemoration for Islamic Heritage Month.

Imam Zijad Delic, the executive director of the Canadian Islamic Congress, says he’s upset over a decision by Defence Minister Peter MacKay to cancel his speech at a commemoration for Islamic Heritage Month.

The head of the Canadian Islamic Congress says he’s hurt and insulted that his speech at National Defence Headquarters has been cancelled by Defence Minister Peter MacKay over accusations the congress holds extremist views.

“I don’t know why he decided this. His decision is totally unfounded, it’s baseless,” Imam Zijad Delic, the executive director of the organization, told CBC News. “This decision tells me quite a lot in terms of how [the government] is disengaged from the Canadian Muslim community.

“It hurts definitely. Knowing my background, knowing what I’ve done with building bridges with different interfaith groups, this definitely undermines many of the activities we have done,” he said.

Delic, a Bosnian Muslim, was invited to speak at defence headquarters on Oct. 4 as part of Islamic Heritage Month celebrations.

Jay Paxton, MacKay’s communications director, said in a statement that “[Friday] morning, upon hearing Imam Delic may participate in these celebrations, Minister MacKay took the decision to cancel the Imam’s role based on extremist views promulgated by the Canadian Islamic Congress.

“The Canadian Islamic Congress has declared that Israelis over the age of 18 are legitimate targets of suicide bombers. These types of comments don’t support Islamic Heritage, they simply divide Canadians, promulgate hate and they have no place in Monday’s celebrations.”

The statement referred to comments made by Mohamed Elmasry, former president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, who four years ago said any Israeli over the age of 18 are legitimate targets for suicide bombing because they’ve served in the Israeli army.

But Delic said the CIC should not be judged on the remarks of a past president who Delic says was expressing his own thoughts, and not the views of the organization.

“Of course CIC doesn’t agree. There are many leaders who speak and they don’t speak on behalf of everybody. They just speak,” Delic said. “Muslims totally forbid suicide bombing.”

Delic added that he has spoken at events sponsored by the departments of Foreign Affairs and Transportation.

MacKay’s statement, issued late Friday, came after two Christian-based associations began circulating an email that described Delic’s presence at the event as affront to Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan and their families.

“I think it’s pure politics,” Delic said of MacKay’s decision. “Some people complained about it and they just took it from there.”

Asked about Delic’s involvement with other government departments, Paxton said: “I can speak to the decision taken by Minister MacKay this morning, which he took upon hearing of the situation. I am not in a position to speak for other government departments.”

With files from The Canadian Press


15 thoughts on “AWWWWW, HE’S HURT AND INSULTED..

  1. Often in articles authors make a distinction between a “Radical Muslim” cleric and a “Moderate Muslim” cleric. Any person who had taken “Islam 101 Course” will tell you that the labels are referring to non-existing realities within the key principles of the religion called Islam. In the Arabic language the word Islam is rooted in the verb “ASLAMA” meaning surrendered/submitted. A muslim is a person who has surrendered or submitted himself to the will of God, clearly expressed in the noble Koran- a guide in the Arabic language that points to all true muslim believers the true path of salvation; an Islamic Umma under the wise rule of a Muslim Caliph, who rules justly with full compliance with Divine principles revealed in the Koran.

    The Koran dehumanizes and demonizes any person who refuses to adopt Islam as “The Perfect Deen/Arabic for religion”. The following Koranic verses are often chanted during the beheading rituals we often see on radical Islamic websites. For the pious Muslim beheading his defenceless hostage, is an act of heroic proportion, because he is slaughtering the Devil incarnated in the human form of an Infidel.
    “Satan has gained possession of The People of The Book (Jews and Christians) and caused them to forget Allah’s warnings. They are the confederates of Satan; Satan’s confederates shall assuredly be lost in hell. The Believers are the confederates of Allah (Hizbollah); and Allah’s confederates shall surely triumph”. Koran 58:19
    “We will put terror into the hearts of the unbelievers (Jews and Christians). They serve other Gods for whom no sanction has been revealed. Hell shall be their home; dismal indeed is the dwelling place of the evil-doers”. Koran 3:149
    “Believers, do not make friends with any men other than your own people. They will spare no pains to corrupt you. They desire nothing but your ruin. Their hatred is clear from what they say, but more violent is the hatred which their breasts conceal”. Koran 3:117

    Any Muslim (Turkish, Arab, Pakistani…) who rejects these verses and hundreds of other verses in The Koran, full of venomous hatred directed against Jews and Christians, is no longer a muslim, because he is reversing his act of submission and questioning the judgement of Allah or the accuracy/reliability of the prophet who conveyed the will of Allah to his followers. There is no moderation or “pick and chose” your verses or souras. The Koran in its entirety is The Holy Book of Islam, and for many Western scholars a hate literature.

    Sergei Bourachaga

  2. Canadians must rally round Jay Paxton, take serious note and pay crucial atention to the danger of muslims. The vermin Bosnian vampire, created by the muslim arselicking former President Bill Clinton whose treasure chest is being filled with muslim mafia inc. $$$$ is a LIAR. As all muslims are. Lying is endorsed and encouraged in their filthy book called quran.

    WWIII is round the corner folks. Time to get ready and deport them back to their shitholes or do what the Russians do — create a Siberia in your vast wasteland and leave them to die, slowly and painfully, from the cold. Surround the area with razor wires that will cut them to pieces should any attempt be made to escape. And feed ’em wolves.

  3. Everywhere in Europe, anti-muslim, anti-muslim-immigration is on the swing. Canada must join them and enforce policies like Germany does; any muslim (even up to 5th generation) that is hostile to the state is immediately detained and deported. Same with Italy. Rid your land of these vampires or they’ll rid you.

    • It’s going to be awhile before Canada even remotely starts making the kind of noises coming out of Europe..Canada is still failing to see the danger Islam brings to it’s shores everyday…

      It won’t until they hurt Canada…And mark my words, they will eventually..It isn’t far off..

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  5. Dear Canadian kuffar,
    Will be off base for 2 weeks beginning today when I fly off to my family’s holdings to handle Survival against coming famine .
    Just read that the US is in panic over Nuclear Bomb smuggled through Mexico after the discovery this past week of a smuggling tunnel on the US-Mexican border in the Arizona city of Nogales in which “traces” of nuclear isotopes associated with atomic weapons were discovered .

    Keep well.

    • They absolutely should be in a panic! What an absolute mess, this is the result of inviting Islam into your house, it’s like letting wild pigs loose in a china shop…

      Take care of yourself and yours QV, God bless you….

  6. I was under the impression that Canada refused to recognize the farce called “Islamic Appreciation Month.” WTF is going on here (in Canada?) We’re turning into the UK!

    • I can’t imagine what there is to appriciate about Islam..Disgusting death cult it is…

      So long as Canada is in the embrace of this multi culti crappola, we’re going to turn out EXACTLY like the U.K….


    Follow the above link and you can see all the Nobel Prizes Islam has one. How many followers does this evil zombie cult have? They contribute nothing except death and destruction. Please contanct Hon. Peter MacKay and thank him for standing up for Canada. You can bet he is receiving thousands of emails from the zombies that are upset. Support him!!!!!! People bitch about politicians allowing things to happen so support him!!

  8. If Mckay wants to shut the door on these guys, and this guy particularly, so be it. Moderate/not moderate, we have to spend endless amounts of money fighting these guys at airports, sports facilities, and then overseas. The Islamic faith continues to disrupt lives around the world at the very least for all travelers, and at the worst killing tens of thousands.

    I’m sick of these guys. Hey Islamic guys – we cut you no slack. Integrate, swear allegiance to Canada, quietly practice your religion out of sight so that it does not affect anyone else. and shut up. Or live somewhere else if you find us not accommodating your hate religion.

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