12 arrested in French anti-terrorism cases

Last Updated: Tuesday, October 5, 2010 | 5:40 PM ET

The Associated Press
A soldier walks near tourists as he patrols near the Eiffel Tower while France continues its high alert. (Reuters)

Police in southern France arrested 12 people in sweeps against suspected Islamic militant networks Tuesday, including three men linked to a network recruiting fighters for Afghanistan.

The roundups were part of two separate counterterrorism cases under investigation by French judges, and fell on the same day only by coincidence, a police official in Paris said.

Firearms were seized in one of the sweeps, a second official said.

The arrests come as France and many other European countries have stepped up terrorism alert vigilance amid what has been described as an abstract, though heightened, threat in recent weeks. The U.S. government warned Americans over the weekend to use caution when travelling in Europe.

In one of the cases, nine suspected Islamic militants were detained in southeastern Marseille and its suburbs, and authorities turned up at least one automatic rifle and a pump gun, officials said.

In Tuesday’s other roundup, two men were arrested in Marseille and another in southwestern Bordeaux on suspected ties to a Frenchman arrested in Naples, Italy, last month. He’s accused of having links to an Afghan recruiting ring.

Linked to terrorism

“This very morning, police operations were launched in Marseille and Bordeaux that led notably to three arrests directly linked to the fight against terrorism,” Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said during a question-and-answer session in parliament’s lower house.

He made no reference to the nine other arrests.

Asked about the U.S. travel advisory, Hortefeux said France “has been very attentive and has heard the advisory by American authorities to their nationals” and noted France’s strong co-operation with its allies.

A third police official said agents from counterterrorism agency DCRI had detained the suspects in Marseille and Bordeaux over suspected links to a group offering lodging and fake identity papers to Islamic militants looking to come to France.

The three men were alleged accomplices of a Frenchman detained in Naples last month and suspected of having fought in Afghanistan.

Italian newspapers reported that the man was 28 years old, of Algerian origin and suspected to be a member of al-Qaeda.

The DCRI has been leading an investigation of a suspected feeder network of militants headed to the border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan, where Western authorities believe that Osama bin Laden is hiding and which has been a key zone of operation for fighters from Afghanistan’s former Taliban regime.

No further information about the arrests Tuesday was immediately available from the police officials, who were not authorized to be publicly named.

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  1. Hey, love the site. Just in case you didn’t know though, this heading could be considered hate speech and if the wrong person came across it you could easily be brought to court thanks to the good ol’ bill of rights.
    All the best.

  2. It says we are muzzled. There’s a fine line between hate rhetoric and truth speaking. You just have to be careful you stick to the latter and avoid the former. As long as everything you say has a factual basis you’re allowed to voice it. However once you start labeling swaths of society “filth” you can get into some serious trouble. You don’t want those lawyer fees.
    For example, when it comes to Geert, he can legally voice his opinions as long as they are grounded, however once he starts straying from that he gets himself into trouble, hence his current legal predicament. You can also look to Ezra as well and the legal process he’s been dragged through with the human rights tribunal kangaroo court…and he posted stuff that wasn’t half as blatantly offensive to muslims as what you’ve written.
    If we are to raise awareness about the threat western society faces it has to be done in a way that doesn’t come across as blatantly racist.

  3. Well that’s just it Ryan, I’m still waiting for one Muslim to tell me what “race” Islam is..this isn’t about “brown” people..this is ALL about the ideology that Muslims follow..

    Calling a German Nazi a Nazi isn’t racist, because it’s not about the race, it’s about the ideology..Nor is it hate speech..

    The same people who go after Geert, Ezra and all others who voice their disagreement regarding Islam have twisted and abused the charter of rights in order to push their own agenda, and it’s non muslims who will suffer for it…

    Islam is a filthy ideology, and yes..I have no problem with the notion of fighting for my right to say it..

  4. yeah, my mistake. I always make that distinction as well. It isn’t a race, you’re right. But it’s still an identifiable group. Either way, I agree with you that it’s a violent and oppressive ideology, so amen to that.

  5. Hi Canadian Kuffar~

    Before saying anything; get to know Islam first.

    Let’s face that: you’re an ignorant in this issue. Don’t be blinded by the media and by your emotions.
    And please~ knowing islam isn’t just like reading magazine and then you’ll know everything. Get it from the right source , the Qoran.

    Plus, Muslims are like other religions. It’s not an ideology.
    We have good and bad people too, like Christian, Jews and the others.
    And yeah, i expect ‘outsiders’ like you too. There are extremists and moderate.

    Please-get a positive mindsetting. Think before you talk. That’s easy.

    Peace.Haha. πŸ˜€

  6. frewdellmaxim, I have 2 qurans on my computer..So let’s not insult each other’s intelligence here. It is the Quran itself that fuels your extremists, the fact that you choose to not follow the violent exhortations within the Quran doesn’t take away from what it is..

    Yes, there are good people within Islam, they are good in spite of what Islam teaches, not the other way around. And yes, it is an ideology and a cult…It’s nothing more than a racist legal system implemented by Mohammed to gain land, wealth and women..

    It is a system that endorses lying to non muslims, so why on Earth should I feel compelled in anyway to believe a word you have to say on the matter?

    • Howdy Kuffar. πŸ˜€

      I really appreciate ur reply. I didn’t mean to “insult your intelligence”. We are both learners. I’ve learned quran for year and keep learning from it.

      But I dont really see the point of you having 2 quran in your computer. Well, if u wanna know there’s only one version of Quran exists. But there are lots of books by scholars with different interpretations of Quran for example the tafseer.

      I assume you know that. If you dont, learn from it.

      But let’s talk about common sense here. “Forget about your and my intelligence”.

      Do you really know who are muslim? Do you really know the Prophet Muhammad as we do? Do you really know who we are? Do you know the history of Al-Quran?

      Do you think you should blame all muslims because of the “jihad terrosists” just like you blame the all the rose tree just because your finger torned?-just an analogy.-Nay.

      We muslims don’t even supports terrorism. La dharar wa la dhirar – never harm the other and never be harmed by the other. It’s from the Hadith – taken from the mouth of our beloved propher; who’d you insult.

      But you know what; i bet hundreds or thousands copy of the Quran in your PC will be useless for you; if you just read it literally – without understanding the whole story. Your understanding of the quran is really biased – and full of prejudice.

      Simpletons like you should learn more to filter the ‘facts’ you got from the media. Media can manipulate you anytime they want.
      Never do any ‘simple conclusion’ about muslims – without investigation.

      Again, really appreciate ur reply. Peace πŸ˜€

  7. Again Howdy Kuffar:

    “And yes, it is an ideology and a cult…It’s nothing more than a racist legal system implemented by Mohammed to gain land, wealth and women..”

    See? This is your “simple conclusion”.

    You don’t even know Him – i guess you read the Quran just partially. You just MERELY reading it.

    Is that how you learned how to read book? Read ALL part of the Book.

    There’s a lot of authentic info talking about the our beloved prophet – everything in His life.

    Hey, did you know that we have another authenthic source beside Quran; The hadeeth?
    Check this out πŸ˜€

  8. frewdellmaxim, there are 200 sects of islam. Which one do you belong to? Sunnis are busy murdering Shiites. Both pray to pig allah. so which pig rewards them 72 virgins for eternal deflowering? Sunnis are busy hunting down Ahmadiyas and slaughtering them. Don’t bullshit here. The world has 1400 years of Islamic Jihad history to refer to. Your islam , born of satan, destroyed ancient civilisation.
    Civilizations Destroyed By Islam

    Civilizations in Arabian Peninsula:
    1. Nabatian Kingdom
    2. Hejaz Civilization
    3. Heira Kingdom (Protectorate of Persian Empire)
    4. Yemenis Civilization (Protectorate of Persian Empire)
    5. Lakhmid Kingdom
    6. Mazun State Society (Protectorate of Persian Empire)
    7. Humyarite Kingdom
    8. Hadramaut Civilization

    Civilizations in Africa:
    1. Egyptian Empire
    2. Carthaginian Empire (Tunis)
    3. Siranaeek Kingdom (Libya)
    4. Nubian Kingdom (Sudan)

    Civilizations in Asia:
    1. Phoenician Civilization (Lebanon)
    2. Sham Civilization (Syria, Colony of Rome)
    3. Anatolia (Turkey, Colony of Rome)

    Civilizations Struggling Not To Die Out:
    1. Persian Empire (Present Iran)

    CIVILISATION THAT REFUSED TO DIE: INDIA despite 762 years of filthy muslim rule.
    And left the sub-continent with 800 million hindus. That refused to be exterminated.
    Whither your allah? Wearing PINK PANTIES & frolicking with the 72 virgins? Or deflowering them?

    What prophet? Where are the prophecies? didn’t he say he is nothing more than a messenger? Muslims have a penchant for gross exaggeration, for quran-endorsed TAQIYYAH.

    Now, you reply with your mohd’s prophecies, nd I’ll reply with the Bible’s prophecies that have come true and are still being realised, and will continue to be so till Armageddon.

    Take the challenge.

  9. And oh, all the civilisations destroyed by islam and today call themselves Organisation of Islamic countries are SHITHOLES that has filthy muslims fleeing to the West to be Parasites and Rapists. Using the most GDP. Scoundrels who should be deported to their islamic paradise they fled from. Ingrates. Worthless scum.

  10. Yes Maxi, we READ the Quran..We don’t just use it to recite over and over again vainly as if it means anything…It says what it says…Follow it all the way through..

    In the beginning Mohammed preached all sorts of nicities towards Pagans, Jews, Christians..But keep reading further, as time went on with Mohammed’s claim of prophet, people started rejecting his claim and new religion…And those nicities Mohammed preached were ABROGATED and replaced with new commands to wage war, murder those who rejected him, advocated enslaving women (after Mo’s armies slaughtered their fathers, brothers, husbands, sons). To use terror to spread his filthy new religion, Mecca and Medina weren’t taken with Mohammed’s message of peace..He brought in his armies and leveled everything and murdered every Pagan, Christian and Jew who got in his way..

    Mohammed’s armies since then have done this to other nations too…That’s what Islam is..A political, militant, ideology cloaked as a religion..

  11. Oooooh frewdellmaxim, cat got your ignorant muslim tongue? Can’t refute what CK and I replied? We challenged you, and like a craven cur, you run off with your tail between your legs. After all, we well know that you have your brains between your legs.

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