Calgary, meet your new mayor


The purple revolution reigned supreme in Calgary’s civic contest Monday night

Striking a chord with Calgarians tired of a divided city council plagued by unpopular decisions, Naheed Nenshi rode a surge of momentum and social media to become Calgary’s 36th mayor.

“The Purple Army was never about winning an election,” Nenshi told his supporters, most of whom donned the campaign’s official colour at campaign headquarters Monday night.

“It was about revitalizing the public conversation in the city,” said the new mayor, who profusely thanked Calgarians for their support.

“Thank you for your willingness to have a conversation.”

Nenshi, a perceived underdog, had the biggest momentum of all the candidates.

He started polling with 8% support, he doubled that and got 16% and then climbed to 30% barely two weeks before the election, putting him in a dead heat with rivals Ric McIver and Barb Higgins.

The winning candidate also thanked his rivals, especially Ric McIver for “everything he’s done for this city.”

“I hope he continues to be an outstanding leader for this city,” said Nenshi.

He also recognized Barb Higgins, MLA Kent Hehr and Wayne Stewart for “inviting Calgarians to believe” in civic politics again.

He is the man behind volunteer groups such as Civic Camp and Better Calgary, two grassroots organizations that encourage citizens to be involved in municipal affairs.

Nenshi campaigned with a slogan Better Ideas and released 12 of them throughout the campaign, including positions on safe neighbourhoods, poverty reduction, improved transportation, transparent city hall, complete communities, quick access to the airport and common-sense policy on secondary suites, among others.

McIver, the perceived consistent frontrunner, trailed Nenshi, while Higgins was in third.

Higgins conceded losing to Nenshi just before 11 p.m., congratulating Calgary’s new mayor.

“I wish Mr. Naheed Nenshi the best as he moves our city forward,” Higgins told supporters.

McIver’s supporters continued to cheer him on as he conceded losing to Nenshi.

“How could I not be proud and pleased to have such an outstanding group of human beings as there are here tonight. Probably your hearts are as broken as mine is … I don’t mind telling you that,” he said.

Nenshi, the Sun-endorsed candidate, fuelled his grassroots campaign through Twitter, an Internet site where people send messages in less than 140 characters, Facebook, YouTube, as well as conventional media and old-fashioned handshaking.

“The endorsement of the Calgary Sun was so important because it showed that I appeal to a broad section of Calgary,” he said.

“It was a powerful, powerful signal to this city that we’re ready.

“I know the Sun took a risk and I know it was tough for the Sun, but they were bold and courageous.”

— With files from Michael Platt, Shawn Logan and Jenna McMurray




  1. Well, the idiots in Calgary have given away the keys to the kingdom to the leader of the Purple Army. Did everyone take note that he called his supporters an army? No, thought not, you were too busy feeling all self-righteous about voting for a minority with no experience than a majority with lots. Remind you of anyone? That’s not working out so well is it? Muslims have come a long way with Barry & I expect they will with the Captain of the Purple Army too.

    I’m sure glad I don’t live in Calgary, where it seems the majority have either imbibed the PC kool aid or are just plain stupid & easily manipulated.

    We are at war folks and the sooner you get that the better. Will it take a serious act by terrorists to get your attention?

    • I was on his website earlier having a look around..All glowing recommendations from college buddies, muslims and housewives who haven’t bothered to vote for ages..

      And they all fell for it…Here comes Calgary’s “hope and change”…

  2. Well, well, well – Canada puts itself on the World Stage again with another dubious distinction: Electing the first Islamic Mayor in history. Awe, we should be sooooo proud.

    But, apparently, he’s an Ahmadi Muslim, so we might be safe – for awhile…

    • Well that’s just the problem Kel…So long as taqqiya and kitman are a part of Islam, who the hell knows what this guy is really all about..I’ve been looking around on the web, one thing is for sure the leftards are absolutely in love…

  3. I can’t believe the news coverage – he’s being interviewed ALL OVER THE FREAKING WORLD. Ohh, what an accomplishment! Well, I guess so, eh?

    Everybody’s wetting themselves over this slick talker.

  4. The victory grins I’m seeing on the faces of muslims who are being interviewed are beginning to be vomit inducing. I suppose he’s the first muslim mayor (at least of a major city) in Canada but he’s also another inroad for the ummah.

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