So much for Obama’s allegiance to us


Last Updated: October 19, 2010 2:00am 

So the world’s dictators voted against us at the United Nations last week when we ran for a seat at the Security Council. Who cares?

What we should care about is that the United States didn’t lift a finger to help us.

After the vote, Philip Crowley, the U.S. State Department spokesman, was asked literally six times about America’s lack of support for Canada. Crowley laughed it off, joking “I’m still remembering the Sidney Crosby goal” — a reference to Canada beating Team USA in hockey at the Olympics.

That lame joke let him get out of one of the questions. But his evasions the other five times were so obvious, at one point a reporter actually told him he was blushing.

What did we do to earn this passionate indifference from our closest friend?

No other nation has shed proportionately as much blood in Afghanistan as we have, not even the magnificent British. Is there a more reliable friend, ally or generous trading partner than us? Have we not opened up our oil pipelines to them? Did we not go along with their foolish bailout of General Motors?

What more did we have to do for a mere vote?

So much for U.S. President Barack Obama’s allegiance. What about his own national interest? Would it not be to his advantage to have us on the Security Council with him, instead of a deeply indebted, socialist European country (but I repeat myself)? Portugal has a population smaller than Ontario’s and an economy smaller than Alberta’s.

True, Portugal has sent a token force to Afghanistan, maxing out at 250 soldiers. And two of them have been killed. Canada has 10 times as many soldiers and has suffered 75 times more casualties, because we’re actually doing the fighting.

America wasn’t the only ally to abandon us lately. So did the United Arab Emirates, better known for its metropolis of Dubai.

Canada had been using an air force base there as a transport hub for going in and out of Afghanistan. Our presence helps keep Dubai safe, too: The same radicals we’re fighting in Afghanistan would love to destroy Dubai, an island of liberal modernity in a sea of backwardness.

But in a fit of pique, Dubai kicked us out — and even denied our defence minister, Peter MacKay, the right to land there.

Dubai’s decadent royal family owns two airlines, called Emirates and Etihad. They both receive enormous subsidies from the government that they use to undermine the world’s private airlines.

The UAE was demanding more landing slots in Canada, so as to take away business from Air Canada, just like they’ve gutted Australia’s airline industry.

It’s one thing if a foreign company wants to sell Canadians cheap seats. But what if a foreign government does so, for the strategic purpose of bankrupting its competitors?

Canada resisted, so the UAE threw a tantrum. But they’re actually putting Canadian lives in danger.

Well, two can play the airspace game. Emirates flights to Los Angeles fly over Canadian airspace. That privilege should be revoked immediately.

There’s not a lot we can do when our best friend, the United States, slaps us around.

But when a conniving desert sheik does so, our national self respect demands we slap back.

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7 thoughts on “THANK YOU EZRA LEVANT….

  1. Besides Britain, the US is the next most treacherous in the world. Just look what Clinton did to Serbia to arselick the muslims. He had NATO slaughter 800,000 Serbs — Serbs that were a faithful US ally shedding blood alongside in WWI & II. The Communist Clinton slapped Russia which was picking itself up after the dismantling of the Soviet Union. That was then. Try it now and Russia has the leverage to take the US out. While the Black Muslim Mongrel is busy gutting the US military, the Russians are spending 3 trillion upgrading theirs. Reminds of WWII. Russia has a strongman: Putin.

    And what did the Black Mongrel, the Muslim POS as POTUS did a week after he was sworn in? While he grovelled, snivelled, did penile bows to his muslim brethren, he threw Japan, Eastern Europe, India, Israel under the bus.

    America has a weakling, a gutless POS who showed the world he is a Coward in chief when he opted not to visit the Sikh Holy Place, Amritsar, as it would require him to cover his head.
    Canada’s Steve Harper did. As other world leaders. But America has a Craven Cur stenching their WH. To top it, it was his administration that requested the Temple visit and peed in their pants when they were told their black ass of a Kenyan had to cover his head.

    Philiph Cowley is representative of the rest of turds in the WH. A leftist craven cur.

    • Canada is just as guilty as the U.S. for it’s part in Serbia..Clinton was in bed with the KLA and Canada went right along with Clinton, definitely not one of our finer moments. NATO systematically murdered thousands of Serbs and their leader to arselick the muslims…Canadian soldiers who disagreed were silenced, charged, and dismissed as if they were “traitors” to Chretien…

      But QV, why didn’t Russia intervene on Serbia’s behalf? I’ve always wondered that..

  2. CK, Russia was in pieces after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Clinton knew that Russia just did not have the withall to physically send its soldiers into Yugoslavia. But that did not stop Russia from voicing loud and angry protests. Also, at the time Russia was under Yeltsin. Not Putin. Had Putin been in power then , the US and Europe would not have attempted to balkanise Yugoslavia. Putin is a master chess player, and the US knows that. So does Europe. Russia will be ruthless if pushed, let alone shoved.

    Today, the whole world is aware of the disintegration, the destruction of the US; by its own leaders with the hoi polloi as dumb sheep, helpless in the wake of blatant treachery.

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