Prime Minister Stephen Harper, right, meets with Abou Diouf, Secretary General of La Francophonie, on Friday, Oct. 22, 2010. Harper is in Europe from Oct. 21st to Oct. 26th to take part in the Francophonie Summit in Montreux, Switzerland and visit to Kyiv and Lviv, Ukraine. - Prime Minister Stephen Harper, right, meets with Abou Diouf, Secretary General of La Francophonie, on Friday, Oct. 22, 2010. Harper is in Europe from Oct. 21st to Oct. 26th to take part in the Francophonie Summit in Montreux, Switzerland and visit to Kyiv and Lviv, Ukraine. | Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press  WHAT IS IT WITH HARPER THROWING OUR MONEY AWAY ON THESE THIRD WORLD SHITHOLES?

Canada pledges $43.4M in aid to Francophone African countries

John Ibbitson

Montreux, Switzerland— Globe and Mail Update
Published Sunday, Oct. 24, 2010 9:10AM EDT
Last updated Sunday, Oct. 24, 2010 11:17AM EDT

Canada will invest $43.4-million in new aid to Francophone African countries, the most tangible product of Stephen Harper’s trip to the weekend’s summit of Francophone nations.

The funding, part of $1.1-billion in aid that the Conservative government promised in June to protect mothers and their children at the G8 summit of leading developed nations in Huntsville, Muskoka, will help protect 1.1 million women and children from malnourishment and sexual violence.

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Harper’s Switzerland visit

The measures aim as well to improve water management in the Niger River Basin, improve the quality of microfinance programs in Benin, protect the forests of the Congo River Basin, and improve agricultural practices in Senegal.

Although the Canadian International Development Agency has restricted the number of African nations receiving assistance, in order to better target available funding, this initiative will be more broadly spread.

“More than 80 per cent of our aid” from the so-called Muskoka initiative “will be going to Africa,” Mr. Harper announced here, Sunday, at the conclusion of the conference. Some of the aid will stretch out over seven years, while other programs aim at a more immediate effect.

Member nations of La Francophonie promised to do all they could to aid stricken Haiti, which is confronted with a cholera outbreak even as it struggles to rebuild in the wake of January’s devastating earthquake. But for most countries, that promise was symbolic.

“Let’s be frank–the big donor countries here are France and Canada,” Mr. Harper observed. “…many of the countries of the Francophonie are themselves developing countries with significant challenges, but even they, where they can do so, have been willing to assist Haiti.”

The Conservative government also announced over the weekend that it would dedicate $1-million to fight the cholera outbreak, which has killed at least 200 people so far.

There have been suggestions that Canada should be sending its Disaster Assistance Response Team back to Haiti. The DART is equipped with sophisticated water purification equipment, which could help combat the outbreak.

“We don’t deploy the DART unless the DART is requested,” Mr. Harper responded when asked by a reporter why it hadn’t been sent.

“To my knowledge there has not been a request at this point, but obviously when it comes to our Haitian friends, if there is anything tangible that we can do that is requested by the government of Haiti we will look upon that request as favourably as possible,” he said.

A representative of the Haiti delegation to the conference told CTV that Haiti had not asked for the DART because it believes it can contain the epidemic.

12 thoughts on “HAS HARPER LOST HIS MIND?

  1. He’s lost his mind. Now he’s rooting out protected Swiss bank accounts too. He obviously never paid heed to the Electorate who wanted – demanded – a new focus of home-grown policy pertaining to local help. What a sell-out.

    • Agreed BI, I’m tired of our politicians putting themselves out there as the “big spenders” with OUR money…Especially on countries who have proven themselves corrupt time and again…

      We have homeless people on the streets, hospitals closing down, people are unemployed, mortgages getting called in, etc, etc, etc…I would have been much happier to see that money put back into our economy…

      • Caribbean countries like Jamaica and Haiti are worst than Africa. There is definitely no hop for those two as well. That earthquake should have sunk Haiti underwater and take Jamaica along with it. Haiti, Jamaica and Africa are all hopeless and useless.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Harper was sending money to Haiti and Jamaica also.

        Jamaica is self destruct the people over there act like animals and breed like cockroaches. Same with Haiti and Africa.

        I never understood why anyone would want to go places anyway.

  2. Quite right BI.

    Personally, I have no interest in leaving Canada…There is enough here to see to fill a lifetime of trips…And I get the benefit of both summer and winter seasons…I don’t care how blue the water or sandy the beach is….I wouldn’t waste my money going to either place…

    I’ve never understoond westerners who spend their money travelling to some of the most backward places in the world…Can you imagine the tours??

    Nice places, buildings, beaches, but never mind that public execution happening to your left…..

    • Others that are just as bad:

      India: Everybody that’s been there stated that the level of filth there is beyond comprehension. From my research confirms it’s very true.

      Eastern Europe & Russia: A lot of people that went there states it’s dirty and weird. Bunch of Neo Nazis and of coarse muslims. From research it is true.

      Of coarse we know Middle East and other muslim countries are awful.

      North Korea and Cuba are also bad of coarse.

      • One more: I hear sanitation in Italy is getting worst. A lot people I know in real life that been to Italy say it’s nothing to write home about. I’m not surprised.

  3. World travelers like those backpackers/hostel hoppers/couchsurfers are usually leftwing/liberal nutjobs.

    World travelers are so obsess on why Americans don’t travel overseas.

    Google: “why Americans don’t travel”

  4. I would never travel to those cess-pools. (My girlfriend has lived in France for 25 years, and is sick now, due to the sanitation issues. She lives around Tolous (SP?) and immies – read Muslims – are polluting the sewage system with the goat and chicken slaughter taking place in local rivers (and bathtubs) then ultimately ending up in the treatment plants.


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    The survey concentrated on the eight most promising markets. The remaining markets were summarized under the term ‘others’. For China, Russia, Ukraine, the Philippines and Taiwan, the main gateway to Europe is France. For South Africa, it is the United Kingdom, for India Switzerland and for the Middle East (Egypt, Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, UAE and Saudi Arabia) Germany.

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  6. hopefully we can find a suitable replacement and he doesn’t get re-elected, like the U.S.A. not going to hell in a handbasket…at this point the future of our world is not looking very good for our children

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