Punch in face shocks woman trying to help


Honours student charged after crime spree

By Sherri Zickefoose, Calgary Herald October 14, 2010 Comments (7)

A 32-year-old former model says she’s lucky to have escaped with only three cracked teeth, cut lips and a smashed nose after a terrifying encounter with a violent driver.

Police have charged a university honours student with a series of crimes, but mystery surrounds the motive behind the behaviour early Monday that also sent a taxi driver to hospital after his cab was T-boned.

“I asked him, what are you doing? And he grabbed me by the jacket and punched me in the face,” said the woman, who was trying to help the badly injured cabbie.

“I don’t know why this happened,” said the mother, who does not want to be identified.

Police are also puzzled.

They said alcohol was not a factor in the crash that ended with the emotionally distraught suspect stealing the woman’s car and crashing it into a nearby light pole.

The drama unfolded Monday as the woman was driving home from a friend’s house around 2:45 a.m.

She was nearly home when a taxi behind her was rammed in the intersection by a Toyota Camry northbound on Sarcee Trail N.W.

“The crash was so close, I felt it. It could have been me. So, of course, I stopped. I didn’t think twice, I went out to see what happened.”

The injured taxi driver slumped out when she opened his door.

That’s when she noticed a man striding toward her car.

“I said what are you doing? He didn’t talk, he was just screaming.”

The angry driver smashed his fist into her face and stole her car.

The accused didn’t get far — after smashing into several parked cars on Silver Ridge Drive N.W., he collided with a lamp post. Police arrested him fleeing on foot.

He appeared emotionally distraught, police said.

Investigators are having problems tracking down the man’s next of kin, and he has no fixed address. He is not known to police.

“He was acting in a very erratic, haphazard manner,” said Sgt. Asif Rashid.

Police have laid aggravated assault charges against Abdulhafid Mohamed Hfuda, 21. He is also charged with robbery, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, common nuisance endangering life and two counts of hit and run.

He appeared in Calgary provincial court Wednesday morning and remains in custody.

Now, as the woman awaits more surgery, her husband says he is disgusted by the level of violence his wife has suffered.

“He shouldn’t be released. he’s obviously dangerous. He could have taken a life,” the husband said.

Paul Mychajliv, owner of All Nicks Collision body shop, has offered to fix the car for free. He also found a loaner car for the family.

A bank account to help cover the woman’s costs is set up at Scotiabank at 734 7th Avenue S.W.

The account is 30189 0111929.

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  1. They are all ticking time bombs, you never know when, where or why they’ll go off but you know for sure they will at some point. In this case the perpetrator was retaliating because how dare non-muslims make him cause an accident, the nerve, they should be punished for their insolence and being in his way! Doesn’t everyone know WE are superior and always have the right of way?

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