Man found guilty of sexual interference with a 15-year-old

By Andrew Seymour, Ottawa CitizenMarch 28, 2011

A convicted killer and drug dealer who once stabbed a man to death using  seven different knives has been found guilty of sexually interfering with a  15-year-old girl.

A jury returned their verdict against Sabri Louati on Saturday after three  days of deliberations.

Louati was acquitted of charges of sexual assault and invitation to sexual  touching.

The now 16-year-old testified Louati drove her to a secluded parking lot on  Elmira Drive in the middle of the night last July and had sex with her. She was  15 at the time.

Louati’s lawyer, Joe Addelman, argued during the trial that the teen was  infatuated with the 33-year-old Louati and making the story up to impress her  friends.

“Clearly the jury rejected a large portion of the 16-year-old’s testimony  given the fact that he was acquitted on the sexual assault and sexual touching,” Addelman said Monday.

The Tunisian-born Louati was sentenced to seven years in prison in 1995 after  stabbing another teenager 30 times with seven different knives because he was  called a “Paki.”

Louati, who was 19 at the time, was originally charged with second-degree  murder, but convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter after a Windsor jury  heard how he was provoked by a three-month campaign of racial slurs. One of the  knives was plunged into Randy Dufour so forcefully one of the blades broke off  in his body, which was so badly mangled none of his organs could be donated for  transplant. Court heard that in addition to the racial slurs, Dufour had also  ridiculed Louati for allegedly masturbating in a washroom during a party.

A date for the sentencing hearing is expected to be set April 8.

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35 thoughts on “HELP ME OUT HERE???

  1. I am the guardian of the victim and I keep asking myself the same question. Why is he still here? Why was he released from jail so soon after such a violent crime ? When released from prison he was then convicted of drug dealing, and released yet again, with absolutely no restrictions! He will most likely be released back into to public again very soon, and will no doubt commit another crime. This is unacceptable!

  2. That’s why I created this blog, so Canadians know what is happening right under their noses..I too am sick of this filth living amongst us and celebrated as “multiculturalism”…I want nothing to do with these barbaric, uncivilized “cultures”…

    • Very well put Canadian Kuffar. It is time for Canada to become MUCH more stringent when it comes to letting in immigrants. Why is everyone turning a blind eye to the obvious facts?…The facts are that a very large and growing number of this countries violent crimes are committed by immigrants. Raising the issue doesn’t make a person racist.

      • Ah yes, the beloved “RACE CARD” that leftists and Muslims love throwing out there when a spotlight is put on members of their community…It isn’t coincidence that most crimes are being committed by the third world trash the lying liberals embrace…This isn’t about “brown people”, it’s about certain ones who adhere to a specific set of beliefs that not only encourages and endorses their vicious, violent behavior, it completely expects it. Islam.

  3. I truly hope the Conservative Party is granted a majority so that it can start addressing the issues of criminal immigrants. And we need to get rid of “Official Multiculturalism.”

    I t is law under the Constitution in that “all cultures are equal?!” Give me a break. Deport this POS NOW.

  4. I guess that I will find out what happens with this POS on the 8th, Ive heard that our guilty verdict may be over turned of that another guilt verdict may be added as it is impossible to find him guilty of interference and not guilty of either the assault or the invitation. I’m so tired of this BS…In the court room he is not on trial it is the victim that is on trial…and only a fraction of the story gets told….

  5. This waste of air murdered a very good friend of mine and the Canuckistan justice system slapped him on the wrist. I hope someone drags him behind a truck. To death. Honestly. Then he can cry racism all he wants, in hell. Randy was one of the best guys I knew. It was this guy who provoked Randy, by harassing Randy’s girlfriend for months in a typically aggressive way. No amount of name calling makes a civilized human being do what he did.
    The type of guy that Randy was… he was the kind of person who would have grown up to have a relatively liberal attitude. I knew him better than most people.. maybe because I was one of the few that understood his sense of humour. He was highly intelligent. He might have called this guy a “Paki” and a “homo”, as a way of retaliation.. but that’s small towns for ya. Small town kids always throw petty insults at each other. Randy wasn’t a racist. That town wasn’t racist. Just a lot of kids that talked a lot of crap. Put a white kid in a Tunisian school and see what happens.
    Anyhow.. I left Canada and moved to Australia. Here, they’ve piled in a bunch of Sudanese who are 86ing each other all the time, and they occasionally swarm lone Aussie’s at train stations. I think the next move is Texas, where I can wear a Colt Python on my hip and use it in self defense.

    • RM, I’m sorry about your friend Randy. I put this story up because Canadians need to know…People should not tolerate this uncivilized garbage coming in under the guise of “cultural enrichment”.
      Canada, Australia, the entire U.K. is submitting slowly but surely to the problem of their own making…I have the feeling a lot of people are going to start following your lead of leaving their countries…Which is garbage..

  6. yes i understand what everyone is saying about him what he did was wrong, believe me I KNOW the victim of this assault was a freind of mine but dous undermining him as a human being or an immigrant make us any better , ? just because he is tunisian he could be iranian he could be paki , or even chinese his crimes arent based on his race but his actions as his person. We as a canadian country are very cultural freindly, lets not judge peoples crimes based on thier ethnic origin because the girl who this event happened to is half iraq so when ure saying u hope he comes out of jail in a body bag i hope u remember he is still human i hope for a fair justice , but i wont put myself to his level by wishing him in a bodybag , i know what my family and freinds went through when the incedent happened to m, nd im sure his family are going through a living hell , so as respectful canadians lets all act mature about this situation and hopes he gets put in jail for the maximum time he can , nd hope he learns a good lesson in there . what if it was you’re husband , son daughter even who commited this heinous crime , im sure we would all be very dissapointed and shocked but im sure you would not want people wishing them terrible deaths through a body bag youre making you’re selves look just as bad as him

    • No one here gives 2 shits about his race MH…The problem is the ideology…Islam…Nor is any sympathy for this piece of shit welcome at this blog..I’m all for him getting the maximum in jail and immediately DEPORTED! Far as I’m concerned the lot that raised him can go too!

      • I did not say he should be put in a body bag…however after his first violent crime he should have been deported…He has since had many other convictions…how long should we pay to feed, house, educate, and rehabilitate him? He should be deported immediately! As should anyone else who commits many serious indictable offences. I would expect the same treatment if I went over their and began killing teenagers and assaulting young girls!

    • I never said u did , ? I said we shouldent judge him based on his ethnic backround. Sending him away will not solve the crime commited will it ? We dont send canadian borns away just because they commit a crime and do not want to deal with it , he IS a canadian citizen and therefore is being treated like one , i just dont see how this will solve the problem hes in jail anyways and hopefuy will be for the most amount of time possible

  7. i couldent agree more listen i know him this AFFECTED ME the most out of anyone of this recent incedent but im not disrespecting the fact that canada is a multiculturism country, it seems here everyone is looking at his culture not what this “POS” actually did. Im sure youre aware you posted this as a public forum and im sure the girl that this happened to wouldent appreciate you using her article as a reason to deport immagrants considering the fact she is iraq herself like i said we shouldent judge by colour or race we are all human he has eyes a nose and mouth just like you he is a human , look at coronel russel williams he is white did way more than sabri loauti , should we deport him , should we differentiate his canadianism by his colour or birth country? just think about what youre saying especially in public i AM not defending sabri at all there nothing i would love to do more than give him a good punch in the nose but he is a canadian citizen and has just as much of a right to be here as me or you and when you post this in public dont be suprised when people disagree, everyone is entitled to their own opinion we are a free country and if thats youre belief than good for you however there are more respectful civilized ways to go about these kinds of issues the ” …I want nothing to do with these barbaric, uncivilized “cultures”… “you sound like the barbaric creature yourself

  8. *sigh,* mh – no-one CARES about his RACE! Get that through your f*cking head.

    Nowhere in the article did I read that he was a Canadian citizen, so unless you know for sure, share. I read he was foreign born – that’s it. If that’s the case, he should be deported, like any other non-Canadian citizen who commits such crimes.

    (BTW,in my opinion, Russell Williams should be deported to the moon with no oxygen. It would be nice to do the same with Islamic terrorists, in which this asshole is one.)

    • Lmaooo it clearly
      Is you dumbass cause if he was canadian born and canadian you would have nothing to say about deporting him now would you ?

      • I know because im the girl in that newspaper article and my mother knows him and his familly , so you need to watch youre mouth about something you dont know , ye i hate his fucking guts i think hes a terrible person dont get me wrong but what are we saying if we just ship them off somewheres else ?

      • MH, if you can’t be civil and discuss this without insulting other users..You won’t post here..
        And to answer your question, yes…I’d LOVE to expel anyone who behaves like this..Born here or not..Citizenship is a two way street..It comes with responsibilities..Like not raping and assaulting other citizens…

  9. No, he does NOT have as much right as you or me to be here! He forfeited that right with his own savage behavior! And immigrants like him need to be booted out of here without hesitation! I will not apologize for calling barbaric behavior what it is…

    • And u sound better calling him uncivil names like that ? See i think the same thing you do ! The difference between me and you is i keep
      My disgusting thoughts to myself not in public like this , as i said before i am SURE as hell not sticking up for him i just strongly disagree on youre opinion and im just trying to present mine in a respectful way , i will not judge youre opinions on deporting immagrants but just state me opinion as best as i can , you did post this on public :)and used MY story, however i just dont think the name calling is nessacary in this case , but hey if you feel that makes youre case stronger go for it , i just feel sad for you that you feel this is the way to go aboht youre issue 🙂 .

      • Well I will not stay silent and be polite and civil towards anyone who behaves in a subhuman fashion..

        This isn’t about banning ALL immigrants, but yes there seems to be a problem within this particular culture and it’s not serving anyone’s intrests or safety to lie about it..

        I put up your story so people will know what you don’t want to talk about..I don’t blame you, it can’t be easy..But unless people are informed as to how often this happens, the problem won’t be addressed and MORE girls are going to be assaulted, raped and killed…

        That is not acceptable, and it shouldn’t be to you either..This is Canada, speak up! It is your RIGHT to live here without being violated by anyone!

      • I totally agree with you i dont want any girl to have to go through this , i have nothing against
        You or youre opinions 🙂 yes i believe him as an individual is well i dont even think it would be appropriate to state my thoughts on him , however like i said i disagree and i hope youre the kind of person that wont judge me based on my opinion on this subject , i AM and WILL NOT judge u for youre beliefs but UNFORTUNATLY there is TERTIBLE people out there , hell i would feel 25X MORE safe if they deported him because as you know he was charged on 1 account very upsetting and major dissapointment to me , nf the maximum the crown told me he could get was 10 years , and im afraid he probably will not get the full sentancing , wich means he will be released back into society one day however you can get rid of them but it dousent assure everyones safety theres always gonna be people like him everywhere you go, people who are going to deceive you but im just putting my faith in gods hands and when judgement day comes for him HE will get what he deserves , karma will come back for him and when it dous i hope it bites him in the ass hard

  10. And MH, earlier in this thread you claimed to be a friend..Now you are claiming to be the victim, which is it? And why on Earth would you defend this things ‘right’ to remain in this country?

    • Because i didnt feel it was nessacary to involve myself but like i said i have a stronf opinion about this and my aunt is commentin as well , youre freind told me to get it through my F*cking head ? Im not trying to be rude i have nothing against you but if you want to remove me from the sight i will do everything i can in my power to get it shut down 🙂 when u put controversial issues like this up in public you need to respect the fact that not EVERYONE is going to agree with you 🙂 , i dont care if you believe im the victim or not i know i am i said i was a freind before because i felt it necassary at the time , all the commens i posted before k.aka kel who was very rude to me were reasonable opinianated comments not putting anyone in particular down or name calling :). Please correct me if im wrong

  11. That’s fine, I understand your reasonings for not offering that info…
    Kel means you no harm, it’s frustrating for both her and I when people assume our problem is racial, or just “plain against immigration”..We’re not, at all…Our problem is with immigration just opening the floodgates and some are getting through and committing heinous criminal acts and are using the system to remain in the country…That is unfair to the millions of other immigrants who are law abiding and paying the same taxes as I do to keep this guy fed and protected legally from being expelled. I just find it troublesome to say the least that YOU of all people are worried about his “rights” to remain here regardless of his actions..You think he won’t do this again? He will if he’s allowed to remain…

    I will remove anyone from MY blog who uses personal insults or threats to supress my right to speak freely on matters that are of public knowledge. So, yes while we disagree..You are of course welcome to stay and contribute your own opinions on the matter, but we are all adults here so lets all keep it civil with one another…

  12. And i agree with what youre saying about how it is unfair to other immagrents , yes it is nd believe me i of all people know he will commit this again if hes given the chance and now that you have explained it to me i apologize for any comments i may have posted about you or kel being racist i did not mean to offend you in any way , im not looking for a fight just simply to state my opinion like everyone else is if we deport him back to his country he might do it to a girl there ! But is that ok because we lessoned the chance of 1 more girl getting sexually assaulted IN CANADA ?

  13. He should be deported back to his country to live under their laws..I bet he wouldn’t have been so quick to break them there…And yes, my first priority is to protect the girls of my homeland…I’d like to send this one back to his place of origin, far as I’m concerned, he can take Paul Bernardo, and the rest of his sort with him…

  14. Hi, I know I’m a bit late on the article but I just wanted to say you’re right. I’m an immigrant (not going to tell you where). If you don’t know this man’s little brother, Mourad, killed a 18 year old boy from ottawa named Sheldon outside the club and stabbed him several times in the abdomen. Google for more info, but the reason why I’m commenting is because I agree with you. He should be deported! Doesn’t matter if he’s born canadian or whatever he is, he is hurting citizens over the most dumbest shit. Now look what his little brother has done, took the life of such a wonderful boy with a kind heart and bright future. People like these don’t need to be in Canada, if you’re born her or not.

  15. His brother Mourad Louati has now been arrested today in Ottawa, for murdering Sheldon OGrady outside a night club. He is smiling in the courtroom. Probably he knows he will not have to do much time,as his brother didn’t. Considering his brother Sabri Louati stabbed and murdered another young man. Stabbing him 30 times. Also he was charged not long ago with sexual assault of a minor as well as drug trafficking. Why was he allowed out of jail so soon after murdering? When someone commits a crime and they are not from this country originally, automatically their Canadian citizenship should be revoked. Why should we law abiding citizens have this trouble brought into our country to murder our loved ones and then have to pay taxes to keep them here? Knowing that they are going to get a slap on the wrist and be let out again to re-offend. Murder your loved ones or someone else’s. It is a privilege to be Canadian. Canadian Laws need a re-haul of backbone!

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