Peter Goodspeed: Syrian unrest a family fued that poses risks to Israel

Mar 29, 2011 – 11:50 AM ET | Last Updated: Mar 29, 2011 11:52 AM ET


Pro-regime demonstrators blame Israel for unrest in Damascus on March 29.

Syria may be in the throes of major power struggle as the country’s cabinet resigned Tuesday in a last desperate bid to curb nearly two weeks of increasing unrest.

The resignation of the 32-member Cabinet led by Naji al-Otari, may clear the way for President Bashar al-Assad to lift a state of emergency that has been in place since 1963 in order to introduce some of the reforms demanded by increasingly restive Syrians. The resignations, however, might also mask divisions within Syria’s ruling Assad family over how to cope with the current crisis.

While Mr. Assad has periodically hinted at political reforms since he took over as Syrian president from his father Hafez al-Assad 11 years ago, he has always hesitated to fulfill those promises and has bowed to the demands of hardliners within the regime.

Now, that his presidency is faced with its worst crisis of legitimacy, Syria’s leaders are faced with another stark choice between reform and repression.

And many of the Assad family can be expected to line up in favour of repression. Mr. Assad’s younger brother Maher al-Assad, is the head of Syria’s Presidential Guard and his sister, Bushra al-Assad is married to General Assef Shawkat, the deputy chief of staff of the Syrian army.

Mr. Assad’s more militant family members may also recall that the last time Syria faced large-scale popular street protests was in 2005, when Syria was forced into a humiliating withdrawal from Lebanon as a result of the public outrage that flowed from the car-bomb murder of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri.

Having once been forced to surrender their influence and privilege, Syria’s military elite may not be anxious to suddenly become reformers.

The Assad dynasty is also based on the political dominance of Syria’s Alawite sect, a branch of  Shiite Islam that comprises only about 13% of the country’s population.

The Alawites can be expected to cling to power, if only out of fear of possible retribution from Syria’s Sunni majority, if they fall from power.

Mr. Assad, whose family has controlled Syria for four decades, is expected to address the nation in the next 24 hours and has hinted through officials close to him that he is prepared to end the country’s state of emergency, lift bans on other political parties and expand civil rights.

But to be on the safe side, the country has ordered tens of thousands of troops onto the streets in the areas worst hit by public protests since March 18.

Hundreds of thousands of pro-government supporters also staged their own counter protests across Syria Tuesday, publicly expressing their support for Mr. Assad and calling for national unity.

For the last two weeks, while security forces gunned down anti-government demonstrators, state owned news media have blamed the killings on “armed gangs” who have been sending and receiving more than one million telephone text messages “mostly from Israel.”

Seeking unity in the face of an outside enemy, real or imagined, is a traditional tactic of regimes in trouble.

National Post


14 thoughts on “OF COURSE, IT’S ISRAEL’S FAULT…

  1. Israel is not the destabilizing force in the ME, it is Islam itself, followed by Obama’s remarks, policies and actions. I have long said Obama is the greatest threat to peace in the ME.
    Bob A.

  2. Well, here’s some info for you to research and disgest. As you know I never take anyone’s writing without researching myself — as a buddhist I adhere to Buddha’s wise teaching: “Trust no one. Verify, verify, verify” Well, here goes:

    The truth is, according to a documentary by Bill Moyers (you can google it) America came to be absolutely ruled by a SECRET GOVERNMENT that answers to no one but itself. This is very well documented and researched. The documentary was first aired in April, 2007. The snag is, the blame is put on Israel rather than the jews from the synagogue of satan. Bloomberg is one. Richard Cohen another. as is Rahm Emmanuel, et al.
    It first began with Communism as a force that must be dealt with, by any and all means possible. In that ‘hunt’ THEY went to great pains to eliminate the Constitution, the Congress and especially the American public; And all of their efforts placed everything they did above the law-which is what has led the Continent to its current situation today, where there in now no longer any “LAW” in the United States of America for any of these very-special, above the law elites. Take a look at the farce called The Supreme Court. Amil Imani contends that all the 536 Congress members are Corrupt, Tainted and reek of Muslim Mafia Inc billions.
    The US Department of Justice, that is nothing but a shell, but which supports all the crimes from torture and imprisonment of anyone that dares to question this government or any of its criminals . Not to forget the 800 detention camps to be used to herd American sheeple for slaughter by using the Patriot Act.

    [[The documentary was made in 1976, the 200th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution. Yet none of the fact-finding inquiries shown herein resulted in jail time for any of those questions. Pardons played a huge role in all of this given by the same ringleaders of this crime against the people of the USA, in order to protect themselves from going to jail or worse: And throughout it all we allowed this to happen. Public-inaction may have gotten its first taste of the real dangers inherent in all of this, but from this first direct challenge the public flinched and so began our long association with “not wanting to know anymore.”]]

    ….. now the entire world is facing the results of our failure to control our own rogue-governments, down through the decades! The penalty for any society which has allowed this to happen, not just to themselves, but to the whole world that now must deal with everything that we chose not to interrupt, throughout the long shadows of history; but this has become the world’s problem now -and the consequences for this failure is death!

    Moyers next moves to the congressional report of the events of the previous forty years; that was presented to the public; but no action was demanded from the government by the people that listened intently but did nothing!
    The questions that the American public still had could have been answered, had there been very public trials of the individuals who incriminated themselves in this video. But the public was not convinced that “the people had a right to know.” The proof of that is that the public did not march on Washington and demand that these people be arrested and charged for what they had admitted to on tape. Had that happened then Oliver North and Admiral Poindexter and a number of other military people could have been arrested and charged in Courts Martial’s, and shot for treason: Which would have ended this era of extra-legal crimes against the constitution and the public. That did not happen because the really secret government had already, by that point, attained enough power to prevent through innuendo and subversion, enough doubt, to fail to force the trials that could have ended the shadow-government at that time.

    Then comes the truth of the Contras. And the usage of Americans held hostage in Iran.
    Find out for yourself. And when I reveal such info I am termed as an American basher. Such denial and ignorance is the reason why American is in the toilet bin today.

    Oh btw the Federal Reserve is an ILLEGAL entity. But that’s another story.

    And bombing Libya is all about OIL & WATER. Backlash: now North Africans (muslims) will flood and overtake Europe (already happened in Italy) and Obama the Muslim Mongrel will cheerfully allow them in. After all, didn’t he say America is NOT a Christian country? And the marvellous contributions of muslims and islam…..

    Have a nice day and happy researching.

  3. The 13 families that CONTROL & RULE the world. Word is out that they want to rid planet earth of 90% of the population to keep dwindling resources for them and their families. China today warned the UN not to interfere with its internal politics. The 13 families will heed for there are missiles pointing to their countries, as well as from Russia. After all, China & Russia are in Bible Prophecy in the coming armageddon — not America, not Britain, and Europe will be defeated.

    Merovingian – European Royal Families
    The Astor Bloodline
    The Bundy Bloodline
    The Collins Bloodline
    The DuPont Bloodline
    The Freeman Bloodline
    The Kennedy Bloodline
    The Li Bloodline
    The Onassis Bloodline
    The Reynolds bloodline
    The Rockefeller Bloodline
    The Rothschild Bloodline
    The Russell Bloodline
    The Van Duyn Bloodline
    The Disney Bloodline
    The Krupp Bloodline
    The McDonald Bloodline

  4. Oh no CK. The most viscious amongst them is the “Bildberger Bitch” referring to the queen of england, and queen beatrix of holland who is in favour of islam and loathes Geert Wilders.
    Of england’s misfortune to have a German as monarchy, an excellent extract from Craig Oxleyposted at his Unhived Mind website:

    “Dame Of Malta Babylonian Whore to Enter Canada June 28, 2010″

    “We see the Dame of Malta, Elizabeth II the treasonous, false Monarch of England about to enter her Canada on the 28th of June 2010. The same whore who purposely pollutes the planet daily to suit her depopulation plans utilising the radioactive element called Uranium. Canada currently is the second biggest producer of this deadly poison and may again be number one in a short space of time. The idea of the use of uranium on the populace is to lower the population levels and at the same time in other Western regions to create incapacity. This incapacity will keep the surviving populace under control and in need of care as they have no capacity to work or fend for themselves. So as the Canadian slaves wave the Union Jack on June 28 just remember who’s giving you Thyroid dysfunction, Diabetes and a Cancer rate of one in two in some areas with Canadian males. Her goal is to help pollute the Western World enough so as to create a Cancer rate of one in two for the whole region as her pharmaceutical system and media continue to warn about. ”
    Let’s never forget the Duke of Edinburgh and his comments:

    ‘I just wonder what it would be like to be reincarnated in an animal whose species had been so reduced in numbers than it was in danger of extinction. What would be its feelings toward the human species whose population explosion had denied it somewhere to exist…. I must confess that I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus.”

    Guess the billions the “bilderberg bitch” rakes in daily with ally Saudi Arabia and the rest of the 13 through her own Coutts Bank. Yet she parasites on the English unemployed and the becoming poorer by the day middle class in Britain. 600 seniors were left to die in NHS hospital. “useless eaters” wot? and it goes on, daily…………

  5. Read up on the New World Order and about the Rothschilds/Rockefeller/the European Royal Houses.
    Your Canadian government is nothing but a tool of the Rothschilds to be rendered slaves eternal and Soros is there as their Watchman.

    Why kill of Canadians? So they have more.

  6. Oh small consolation for us “expendables”. The whole Universe is now Broken and facing ultimate Destruction. The US HAARP caused earthquake in Japan is now poisoning the American Continent (Canada refused point blank to test their cows milk )

    In their determination to control the whole earth through insatiable greed , the Fukushima tragedy-disaster is also poisoning them and their progeny. Everything is poisoned — the air, the ground, the water. Now they are Executioner and Prisoner themselves. Small consolation for the rest of us who will prefer to go away sooner .
    The world is controlled and ruled by the INSANE. Just read what’s happening on a greater scale, every day. Earth is being turned into a Killing Field. There was a time when SEEKING & THINKING was considered to be as important as acting; but that time passed . What we have now is sheer insanity, all the time!
    The heads of state are caught up in a whirlwind of hubris and wholesale slaughter. The rule of law is gone. The behavior of those enforcing the rule of law, domestically and abroad, is being revealed as thugs, bullies and opportunistic thieves. Just look at the USA’s TSA. If that is not demonic, and a classic of insanity on rampage, what is?
    And more Massive and Worse events will happen in the near future, and every day, in every part of the world. The “Lord of Rings” has a good example/lesson if you can decipher it.

    One thing is certain: Mother Earth has woken.

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