Islamist extremists view Freemasons as the enemy: report

Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty Images

Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty Images

Freemasons an enemy of Islam? Some Muslim extremists think so.

Mar 31, 2011 – 3:26 PM ET | Last Updated: Mar 31, 2011 10:55 PM ET

TORONTO — As if it wasn’t enough that they want to blow up all the “Crusaders” and “Zionists,” now al-Qaeda has apparently chosen a new target: Freemasons.

A “secret” Canadian intelligence study newly-released to the National Post describes how Islamist conspiracy theorists have seen the enemy and it is freemasonry.

“Islamist extremists and the Freemasons” is the actual title of a Canadian Security Intelligence Service intelligence assessment distributed in December 2009.

It says extremist ideologues have taken Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and the Nicholas Cage film National Treasure as evidence of a conspiracy against Islam.

They have been telling youths that Freemasons are: anti-Muslim; have close ties to Israel; and have been conducting secret paramilitary operations in Europe.

While most rational thinkers can tell fact from fiction, CSIS warns that we should not have such high expectations for the cave-dwelling sages at al-Qaeda HQ.

“It is easy to dismiss belief in an all-powerful Freemasonry movement as akin to conspiracy theories prevalent on the Internet, fed by popular films and literature,” it says.

“It is important to underscore, however, that these theories are consistent with the Islamist extremist common narrative: in this light, the Freemasons are believed to be taking part in attacks against Islam.

“This portray can serve as a useful contribution to the radicalization progress….Freemasons are thus seen as another of ‘Islam’s enemies’ and their actions, real or not, used as justifications to respond with violence.”

National Post


8 thoughts on “IT’S NOT JUST FREEMASONS…

  1. Hey,
    Every non Muslim is an enemy to Islam. In fact different sects are enemies to each other. These stone age throwbacks won’t be happy until the final Muslim stands alone. Let’s make sure when that day comes we will still be standing.
    Bob A.

    • That’s exactly what I thought when I read the story, can’t even get along with each other…Never mind non muslims…I pray you’re right Bob…It’s getting ugly, and it isn’t going to get any better anytime soon..

  2. Kuffar of any stripe are the enemy of islam, so sayeth the koran. If you are not muslim you are the enemy and must be prepared to be attacked at any time, any place. It doesn’t really matter what sub-group of kuffar you’re in, if you are not muslim you are fair game..

  3. taking movies as ‘evidence’?
    these movies are american, now they believe in americans? huh?
    only shows how pathetic these pigs are.
    don’t they know that there are muslim freemasons?

  4. George Bush Jr. and Osama bin Laden serve the same masters — the Global Elite that Control and Rule the World.
    Grandfather Prescott Bush helped arrange financing for Nazism
    The headquarters of Islamic terrorism is London, England, where the Anglo-American Establishment sponsors the radical “Muslim Brotherhood” in order to advance its long-term goal of plutocratic global dictatorship.
    These globalists have fabricated a bogus “war on terror” to crush the remaining vestiges of nationalism and democracy in both Muslim countries and the West.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is now a powerful faction in the global oligarchy. Goodgame cites Robert Drefuss, author of “Hostage to Khomeini” (1980):

    “The real Muslim Brothers are … the secretive bankers and financiers who stand behind the curtain, the members of the old Arab, Turkish, or Persian families whose genealogy places them in the oligarchic elite, with smooth business and intelligence associations to the European black nobility and, especially, to the British oligarchy.
    And the Muslim Brotherhood is money. Together, the Brotherhood probably controls several tens of billions of dollars in immediate liquid assets, and controls billions more in …everything from oil trade and banking to drug-running, illegal arms merchandising, and gold and diamond smuggling. By allying with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Anglo-Americans are not merely buying into a terrorists-for-hire racket; they are partners in a powerful and worldwide financial empire…”
    By fabricating a bogus war between Islamic fundamentalism and the West, the globalists are able to attack their real enemy, humanity. Pulling the strings, they will ensure that both Western and Muslim states are degraded and finally completely subjugated to their odious rule.

    Both Obama and Gadhafi serve the global elite. Goal: 90% of humanity is to be destroyed.

  5. On February 17, 1950, Council on Foreign Relations (CRF) member James Warburg told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee:

    “We shall have world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or consent,” because powerful globalists want it.

    American ones, in fact, want total control of the world’s money, resources, law, communications, populations, and military supremacy, no matter how much destructive force it takes to achieve, perhaps using HAARP and other technologies to create enormous new opportunities for greater power and profits.

    Other schemes relate to America’s longstanding depopulation agenda, a model Henry Kissinger presented in his 1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200). Shaped by Rockefeller interests, it developed over time to cull unwanted “useless eaters” by various means, including
    — violence;

    — depleted uranium and other hazardous weapons;
    — withholding disaster relief;

    — sterilization;
    — disease;

    — starvation;

    — earthquakes, tsunamis, oil spills, chemical proliferation, and other environmental disasters; as well as
    — widespread radiation contamination, another way to detonate bombs.
    Perhaps Japan’s disaster is their latest assault on human life, welfare and survival, so global elitists can benefit more by less of us. Think unlikely? Think again.

    Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at

    Coming soon to America — the same earthquake and tsunami of Japan.

  6. This is a lot to take in QV, I don’t know about a war between Islamic fundamentalists and the west being fabricated…I can definately see it being allowed to continued by certain “interested parties”, and it’s getting out of their control…..

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