Federal government appeals release of Khadr brother

Linda Nguyen, Postmedia News · Apr. 8, 2011 | Last Updated: Apr. 8, 2011 10:25 AM ET

TORONTO — The federal government will argue Friday at Ontario’s highest court that a judge erred last August by stopping U.S. extradition proceedings against terrorism suspect Abdullah Khadr and releasing him.

Khadr, 29, is the eldest son of Ahmed Said Khadr, an al-Qaeda financier who was killed by Pakistan forces and the older brother of Omar Khadr, the only Canadian still held at the U.S. prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, after he pleaded guilty to terrorism offences at a military tribunal.

Lawyers for the attorney general will argue that Ontario Superior Justice Chris Speyer put national and international security at risk by releasing Abdullah Khadr.

The elder Khadr is currently wanted in the U.S. for charges of procuring weapons for al-Qaeda.

The U.S. case was centred around a number of statements it’s alleged that he made to the FBI and RCMP about being involved in an assassination plot against the prime minister of Pakistan. Khadr says the confession was made in 2005 while he was being detained and tortured in Pakistan.

During his extradition hearing last fall, Khadr told a Toronto court that authorities had also threatened violence against his family.

He has always maintained his innocence but did admit to attending a camp in Afghanistan when he was 13. The camp, he says, was not a terrorism camp but part of “Muslim culture” and it was where he learned to use guns, explosives and rocket and grenade launchers.

Khadr was arrested in Pakistan in 2004 after the U.S. government issued a US$500,000 bounty for his capture. He was denied access to a lawyer for three months and held a total of 14 months in Pakistan without charges. During this time he was interrogated by Pakistani, Canadian and U.S. officials. He had been held at a Toronto detention centre for the past five years until his release in August.

The Khadr family immigrated to Canada in 1977.



  1. I would love to have a face to face with the unadulterated idiot who ok’d the Khadrs for Canada. Now we are stuck with these scum, living off our tax dollars and free health care while they have nothing but disdain for our Canadian Culture. They are using us, plain & simple and I for one would love to see it stopped. Perhaps if we elect the right officials, ones with some courage, they’ll find a way to deport & repatriate these vermin….spit…..

  2. Get all of the Muslims out of this country…we don’t want them or need them…they do not respect our country and bring bad things with them. I am so sick and tired of this country being so worried about political correctness, it makes me sick!

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