Canada rejects ‘comical’ al-Qaeda link to Syria blasts as 44 die in suicide attacks

  Dec 23, 2011 – 12:27 PM ET | Last Updated: Dec 23, 2011 4:20 PM ET

AFP/Getty Images

AFP/Getty Images

A picture released by the Syrian Arab News Agency shows a poster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad hanging from a building as pro-government protesters gather for a demonstration to denounce the suicide bombings in Damascus on Friday.

Richard Johnson/National Post

Click on this image to see an interactive map of Syria that shows the locations of this week’s major events.

By Lee Berthiaume

OTTAWA — Canada has dismissed as ‘comical’ Syrian government claims that al-Qaeda was behind two suicide bombings in the country that have left 44 people dead and injured 100 more.

The UN says more than 5,000 people have died since mass protests against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime erupted in March.

Announcing a new freeze on Syrian regime assets held by Canadian banks Friday, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird questioned the credibility of the al-Qaeda explanation, citing previous Assad denials that any violence was taking place within the country.

“If it wasn’t so serious it would almost be comical,” he said.

The violence in the country took a deadly fresh turn Friday after two blasts exploded at security service bases in the Syrian capital, Damascus – the first suicide bombings in the country since the uprising began.

“Forty-four people, civilians and security forces, were killed and 166 others injured in the two terrorist operations,” the interior ministry said, as an advance team made preparations for Arab League observers to oversee a plan to end the bloodshed.


Syrian security men react after a security base was targeted by a suicide attack in Damascus Friday.

One bomber tried to ram a vehicle packed with explosives into the compound of the General Security Directorate, Syria’s most important plainclothes security service, in the Kfar Suseh neighbourhood of Damascus, witnesses said.

A second blew up a vehicle outside a nearby military intelligence building.

The blasts cast a pall over the first day of work of an Arab observer mission intended to oversee an end to nine months of bloodshed.

Mr. Baird could not say how much money and property Canadian banks were holding for the 33 senior Syrian government and military officials and 10 primarily state-run companies affected by the asset freeze.

“The financial institutions will be required immediately to review their accounts to find out how much is available and the RCMP will work with that,” he said. “Until those reviews have taken place, we can’t say to what extent their assets are here.”

REUTERS/Jason Lee/file

Asset freeze: Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.

In addition to the asset freeze, Baird said Canada was prohibiting all imports from Syria except food, while Canadian companies will not be allowed to make any new investments in the country or export equipment, including software for the monitoring of telephone and Internet communications.

“Assad is cut off … his disgusting brand of violence must stop and come to an end, he must go,” said Baird.

Researchers at the University of Toronto reported in November that websites belonging to the Syrian government and the terrorist organization Hezbollah were being hosted on Canadian servers.

“Canada will continue to put the squeeze on the Assad regime,” Baird said. “Assad will fall, the government will fall, it’s only a matter of time.”


A delegation of Arab League officials visits a site to inspect damages to buildings after a car bomb attack in Damascus Friday.

The foreign affairs minister also reiterated the government’s call for all Canadians still in Syria to leave by any means necessary.

Syrian state television showed pictures of a huge crater at one of the bomb sites and pools of blood on surrounding pavements.

Bystanders were seen carrying away charred and mangled bodies wrapped in makeshift shrouds.

Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah, an ally of Assad, accused “terrorist” Washington of orchestrating the attacks.

The movement said such bombings are “the speciality of the United States”, which is seeking revenge for its “defeat” in Iraq, days after its forces completed their withdrawal from the country.

Postmedia News with files from the Nat



  1. How true that is. These humans that call themselves Muslims must learn to understand that Islam is what will destroy their body and soul.

    • Sometimes I wonder if the inbreeding among them has just gone to far….No, seriously…Islam just turns people into vicious, unholy, savages. Anyone who agrees with any tenet of Islam ought to have their head examined…While it’s still attached…


    –Agree, in fact, removing their dictators de-stabalizes this lot of people.
    BAD move to ‘demand’ ousters of leaders, but what can we expect from a Muslim prez, Obama?

    • We lost the war against “terrorism” long before it even started. Nobody wants to identify what the real problem is. Islam. Centuries ago Europe succeeded
      because they specifically responded to what was threatening them..It wasn’t terrorists, extremists or any other such nonsense..

      They were fighting Islam and Muslims and they knew it.

  3. Ah, notice the the lock-step, pro-war international news wires cast doubt on the Syrian claim that it was the work of Al-Q? Intelligence professionals are well aware that major funding for at least sections of the Syrian opposition comes from Britain’s Saudi agents, who fund precisely the kinds of al-Qaeda activities reflected in these bombings. Don’t you know that Britain is behind it? Just as Britain funded the Chechen terrorists to murder Russians, same when they funded islamists to cause havoc in China’s Sinchuan province that had policemen and several Han Chinese murdered?

    Fortunately for Syria, observers from Russia, China and other countries will arrive in Syria together with the Arab League observers. They will not let the AL observers distort the information about the events in the country. It is absolutely clear that the arrival of Arab League observers in Syria is not going to change anything for the better. The League coordinates its actions with the West and Turkey.
    No repeat of Libya for the Evil Twin – America & Britain. Do read the scramble for Gaddafi’s wealth by the Evil Twin who worked with islamofascists to PLUNDER! The Insatiable Greed of the Evil Twin is without comparison.

    And oh, a correspondent of ABC, the third-largest general-interest newspaper in Spain, found three Libyan terrorists inside Syria planning to supply arms to the Syrian opposition to the regime of Bashar al-Assad. What is revealing, is that these three Libyans were working on behalf of the Libyan Islamist Abel Hakim Belhadj, a senior member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), which itself is run top-down by Britain’s Blair and MI6.
    LIFG had long been a British-protected terrorist group that was later used to dethrone and kill the Libyan President Colonel Muammar Qaddafi. The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) is an Islamist extremist group formed in 1990 in the Afghanistan/ Pakistan border area. In the 1990s, the LIFG was used by MI6 to carry out several operations inside Libya, including the 1996 attempt to assassinate Colonel Qaddafi. Although working with al-Qaeda inside Afghanistan, on Nov. 3, 2007, the LIFG formally merged with al-Qaeda.

    And do you know that Britainis the 3rd largest Exporter of Islamic Terrorists?

  4. [[ looks like the west is setting these groups up to mutually destroy each other?]]
    The West, my dear CK , is only interested in its own insatiable greed, and to continue be parasites feeding on the blood of their own people, and enslaving the world. The West is devoid of morals. They worship and serve Satan. Satan wants to take as many he can into his abyss, and the West is his accomplice on earth for that accomplishment.

    The West’s so-called “human rights” “democracy” demonstrated to the World what they really mean and are:chaos, the destruction of stability. See what’s happening in the Middle East and North Africa where armed people overthrew a legitimate government. And what did it give to the people, except victims, disorder, poverty and chaos?

    “Peace” to the West led by Amrica and its MURDERER NATO means:

    Military Redeployment to Asia and The Pacific

    Encircling Russia with Missiles

    May I ask the West:

    Did China invade any Sovereign country, bomb the whole infrastructure, MURDER innocent fleeding men, women, children, babies, who are citizens and then PLUNDER its wealth, SHAMELESSLY?
    NATO’s legacy in Libya – virtually the whole infrastructure of the country destroyed, cities bombed to dust, tens of thousands of dead and wounded, al-Qaeda-linked fanatics wielding power in Tripoli, widespread ethnic hatred.
    According to NATO data, 19 per cent of the air strike sorties in Libya were conducted by the United States.

    Did Russia INVADE any sovereign country to carry out R2P policy? Did Russia PLUNDER any sovereign nation of its wealth?

    Out here, we know : The inescapable relative economic decline of the USA and the shift in manufacturing pre-eminence to the East has led to a reaction. The American political classes have been active abroad. They have instigated a number of military manoeuvres in ‘foreign fields’. Not just for oil,or geopolitical considerations but also for domestic consumption. So that the US citizen watching the news on the new flat screen TV(made in China) can feel secure in the enduring military(if not the economic) power of the USA. This strategy of employing military power to cover over growing infirmities was known to European kings as ‘Canute’s Folly’. The tide of history has covered each of its many proponents. The USA will not come to terms on missile defence unless it is forced to by events. Russia should look to its arms. And by the grace of God, Russia has the strategic missiles and a new ICBM to counter Evil Satanic America, the Root of All Evil in the World.

  5. Jordanian Sheik Nader Tamimi, Mufti of the Palestinian Liberation Army, to the West: We Will Restore the Caliphate and You Will Pay the Jizya ‘or Else We Will Bring the Sword to Your Necks.’

    Read anywhere the West’s stand against such blatant threat? They are all hiding under the bed , cowering in fear, the filthy craven cretins, knowing full well that Israel stands ready to do what needs to be done to keep western civilisation alive.

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    BUT ever so good bombing, murdering, plundering, coveting the wealth and resources of sovereign nations. Only satanic people are wont of such filth.

  6. Do not be surprised if you find the leaders of the West urging their sheeple to sacrifice their lives while they ARSELICK their darling Jihadists they protect, collude with, share the plunder, to live another sorry day; till Yahweh strikes!

    Makes me vomit to write about the friggin’ West. Bunch of Craven Cretins.
    They have COWARDICE for a spine!

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