Muslims clash with China police who destroyed mosque

AFPAFP – 3 hrs ago

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  • Sunlight reflected through the ornate window lattices falls on the famed carpets of Ningxia as Hui Chinese Muslims attend afternoon prayers in 2004. Hundreds of Muslims fought with armed police who demolished a mosque in north China, local police and a human rights group said on Monday, with several people injured in the "riot"Sunlight reflected through the ornate window lattices falls on the famed carpets …

Hundreds of Muslims fought with armed police who demolished a mosque in north China, local police and a human rights group said on Monday, with several people injured in the “riot”.

The violence between local Muslims and roughly 1,000 armed police began after police declared illegal a newly renovated mosque in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and moved to destroy it, the Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy, in Hong Kong, said.

The Hui are one of several Muslim minority groups in China.

Two people were killed and 50 injured after police fired tear gas and used knives and batons to beat back ethnic Hui Muslim protesters in Taoshan village, Hexi township, the rights group said, citing villagers.

Hexi township police denied any deaths when reached by telephone.

A policeman surnamed Ma confirmed that the mosque was torn down. He told AFP a “riot” occurred in Hexi on Saturday afternoon.

“Two police officers and two villagers got injured and several villagers were taken away by the police, but I don’t know how many,” Ma said.

One Taoshan local who was away when the violence occurred, said his relatives had told him over the telephone that on December 30 an official had shouted “(the mosque) is illegal” and ordered the armed police to tear it down.

“Clashes happened and more than 100 people went missing,” Jin Haitao told AFP. He said many villagers’ injuries were caused by police using high-pressure water cannon to disperse those trying to stop destruction of the mosque.

“Now, I can’t reach anyone there,” Jin said, speaking from north China’s Hebei province near Beijing.

The Hong Kong-based rights group said in a fax that Muslims from Ningxia and the neighbouring province of Gansu had donated money to build the mosque.

Jin said it was first built in 1987 and refurbished last year.

China’s communist government monitors religious activity closely and must approve the building of all mosques, churches and other places of worship as a way to prevent their becoming centres for anti-government organising.

China in recent years has seen several outbreaks of ethnic violence involving Muslims, mostly as the mainly Muslim Uighurs of the northwest Xinjiang region bridle under what they regard as government oppression and the unwanted immigration of majority ethnic Han Chinese.


11 thoughts on “GOOD FOR CHINA!

  1. Take note: No planes flew into Shanghai skyscrapers despite Chinese handling of muslim Uighurs and Hui muslims. Because the muslims that the west arselicks emphasizing their cravenness, know that China would simply obliterate them.

    When Putin razed Grozny, Checheny to the ground, and 100,000 laid dead with nary a building standing, the West, the Arab world maintained Stony, Deafening Silence.
    Years later, America’s Arse in Triumph, Saudi Arabia rolled out the red carpet for Putin an welcomed him.

    Muslims understand both China and Russia. Do not mess with them.

  2. The hand of Hizb ut-Tahrir is at work here, egged on by their ass kissing Britain. China claims they operate in the far western region of Xinjiang, home to some 8 million Muslim, Turkic-speaking Uighurs, many of whom chafe under Chinese rule. The emergence of Hizb ut-Tahrir is a recent phenomenon in Xinjiang. Of course HuT denies it advocates violence. However, its quran sanctioned Taqiyyah would fool the West gullible fools but not China nor the rest of the Far East.

    These mass murdering human bombs, sponsored by Britain that has never recovered from its defeat of conquering China, want to take over whole of China salami slice like they do in so many western countries governed by brain-drained moonbats and deranged liberals with people in tow.

    China has characteristically cared a whit for the dreaded PR impact. . This incident has re-exposed worldwide hypocrisy. Check the worldwide reactions:

    The OIC: Mum
    The US: Mum
    Europe: Mum
    Indian Muslim leadership: Mum
    UN: Mum
    Amnesty Int’l: Mum

    My news-scouting did not show even an acknowledgement that the demolition was a heinous act.

    China believes that it is an active participant in the war on terrorism. China allows voices such as Rebiya Kadeer, head of the Uighur American Association, to pronounce the Uighur created incidents as having been fabricated by the Chinese government, despite Western intelligence agencies’ knowledge of an al-Qaeda cell in Xinjiang as well as camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan that have trained Uighur militants since the 1980s..

    While the West force their children to study islam and praise of muslims/culture/wars/inventions appear in school textbooks, in preparation for the West being islamised and the quran as indisputable Truth, China has removed ALL the violent verses of the quran. Because every Chinese schoolchild is tutored on the Evil of the quran, every Chinese soldier has read from front to back the quran.

    Since 2006, controls have stiffened. Muslim shopkeepers aren’t allowed to pray in their stores, and state employees are discouraged from practicing religion at all.
    Uighur children are discouraged from attending mosques. Discouraged from attending Islamic studies.

    Both China and Russia are busy killing islamists. The West on the other hand sups and sleeps with islamists. Why? The West are nations of spineless COWARDS!

  3. Xinjiang is a part of China. China also practises what the muslims do — salami slice. Part by part, increase the Han population .
    As it is, Uighur women are removed to mainland China and Han Chinese have moved in large numbers. When the time is right, both China and Russia will coordinate to cleanse their lands of muslims.

  4. The West is terrified of using the word ‘terrorist’ where muslim terrorists have killed their own; terrified of naming ‘islam’ as a vicious, brutal, barbaric cult and instead spew platitudes of ‘islam is a religion of peace’ bullshit; terrified of muslims in their midst and bend backwards to allow more muslim immigration.

    The West is in the state it is in because it has hacked at its roots of Judeo-Christian heritage, gave up its culture and traditions to appease muslims (no merry xmas – its happy holidays, soak christ in urine and call it art, etc) and laugh at their values as inferior to the muslims lies. The moment the West gave up their principles, they lost everything and now wait to submit to sharia , slavery, and death.

  5. Pakistan destroys their mosques as easily as they discard the skin of the banana.

    Saudi Arabia turned the house that evil mohd. was born into a toilet.

    Muslims are the biggest HYPOCRITES.

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