Canadian Television Gag Irks Muslims

A gag on Canadian television which showed Muslim “worshipers” preventing motorists from leaving a parking lot angers Muslims.

By Elad Benari

First Publish: 1/30/2012, 3:15 AM
Israel news photo: Screenshot
“Muslim worshippers”
Israel news photo: Screenshot

A gag which aired on the Canadian program “Just for Laughs: Gags” has managed to upset Muslims both in Canada and around the world, Shalom Toronto reported.

“Just for Laughs: Gags” is a hidden camera comedy show which features silly pranks on unsuspecting subjects while hidden cameras capture their response.

Last April, Shalom Toronto reported, the program aired a gag which showed six “Muslims” lying in wait for motorists returning to their car in a parking lot, and then laying out prayer mats and kneeling to “pray” on them.

The gag showed the “prayer” taking a long time and preventing the motorists from exiting the parking lot. The motorists are shown reacting angrily to the “Muslim worshipers”.

After the worshipers leave the parking lot, the gag continues when a “policeman” appears and wishes to give the drivers a traffic ticket for having parked in the lot for longer than five minutes despite a sign explicitly prohibiting from doing so. The drivers try to explain that they were delayed because of the “worshipers”, but fail to convince the “officer”, until he finally reveals to them that the whole incident was a gag.

Shalom Toronto reported that the video was recently uploaded to YouTube with Arabic subtitles. The individual or individuals who uploaded the video complained that the gag offended Islam.

The clip was criticized by Muslims who accused the television program of deliberately humiliating Islam. The clip received 1,900 “dislikes” and one talkbacker even called to boycott the program. Another respondent claimed that the owner of channel which airs the program is probably Jewish, arguing that only Jews can make fun of Islam and Christianity. Certain angry users expressed their wishes that Allah will extract revenge and curse those behind the gag.

In contrast, other respondents made claims against Islam for carrying out acts of terrorism which murdered thousands of people, and criticized Muslims for their inability to deal with humor. Some people who identified themselves as Muslims said they actually liked the gag and did not see it as causing any damage or harm to Islam.



9 thoughts on “LAUGHING AT ISLAM

  1. Muslims are offended by everything except the free handouts they get from Western governments. We need to stop importing muslims into our countries, the evidence is that their totalitarian system Islam is incompatible with anything decent, beatiful, free and female.

  2. One only needs to look at Egypt today to see how it turns out when Islam takes over. Yes, Muslims shouldn’t be given access to the West..Stop the immigration and expel the ones who are here already…Too many have already shown their true colors, they are not here to assimilate.

  3. One only needs to look at Egypt today to see how it turns out when Islam takes over

    Yes! But WHO outed Mubarak who kept peace with Israel for 30 years?

    America! of the West. Its called Regime Change — and America has many muslims living in the Continent. American Muslims, prepare and bomb the USA away. Nah, stupid Americans will be too frightened to do anything. Evidence piles!

  4. United Caliphate of America and Canuckistan…

    With Imam Barack HUSSEIN Obama as the new Caliph.

    Enjoy, idiots of the West.

    As for us, we don’t much like this ‘muslim’ ‘islam’ thingy. And so battle we will. And WIN we will.

  5. CK. That’s because we do not suffer from the terrible disease the West inflicted on itself — the cranial-rectal inversion that plagues the West and renders its citizens to Islamic barbarity and insane demands while its leaders arselick, appease, and accommodate muslims who wait in the wings for the opportunity to slit their throats. While being rabidly anti semite!

    Unlike the West, we do not displace our own people, do not have this “special’ food thingy in prisons (the cheapest rice and cheapest vegetables/pork soup will have to do) and will not hesitate to march visiting muslims who preach the violent side of the quran to the plane at gun point and stand by with guns cocked till the plane is airborne. And then that organisation is made persona non grata. Cambodia and Vietnam stand out for being the strictest. But then, most adopt China’s policies re islam and muslims.

    Recently, Sri Lanka expelled 161 foreign ulama for flouting visa regulations on tourist visas, and for not preaching the moderate, peaceful islam practiced on the Buddhist dominated island. The complaints came from the island’s muslims.

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