Yes, it is me…C.K. I’ve been gone for the last year and now I have returned. I left the page to do some thinking about why I started this to begin with, how committed I wanted to be, and to consider my families feelings about what I am doing. In my time away I’ve been watching and reading the blogs, facebook, and other sources and I see these people being harrassed, sued, even threatened with death for speaking out against this particular ‘religion’, and I admit, I let the fear of these things get to me. I do worry about my safety and that of my family discussing this topic, but then I realize that I’m also angry at the fact I have to worry about this.

So, I have decided that the only way I can deal with the anger is to keep speaking. I am a Canadian, my family are Canadians and it is my duty as a Canadian to use the free speech that has been paid for by other Canadians in their own blood. I realize now this is something that should NEVER be taken for granted as a Canadian, and if it is to be maintained it must be practiced at all times.

I have missed everyone on here and I hope to see you all soon.





  1. Well done CK. It is important for Canadians to be made aware of the threat of islamic jihad to commit atrocities, chaos and so on in Canada. We will read and support your efforts to inform Canada of the potential and on going muslim threats affecting Canada and the US. Thanks for your efforts to keep us all informed.

  2. Help spread this great new video that explains in simple terms how a single verse of the Quran justifies all jihadist attacks:

    • I’ve seen these videos, they’re absolutely fantastic! Very plain and easy to understand. Everyone knows what the Quran says, not everyone wants to admit that it really says this stuff!

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